She’s Growing Older! 6 Months Old!

Six months ago exactly to the day my daughter, my little miracle was born. I can still remember the birth like it was just yesterday, and somehow it’s already been six months. Since becoming a mother I have realized how slow the moments feel like there going by, but in the long run it seems like the days and weeks are going by quicker then they ever have.

I’m so beyond proud of my daughter with these past six months, she’s accomplished so much and made her mother so proud. I’ve loved watching her try to turn over, again and again and then finally getting the hang of it while on the diaper changing table (we use our kitchen table as a diaper changing station) while trying to put her pajama’s on after her nightly bath. I’ve loved watching her go quite and shriek with glee when a musical toy is held up in front of her. I love watching her munch on a wooden baking spoon and become so happy with her “new toy” that shes enthralled in the spoon for hours.

Helping In The Kitchen!

Helping In The Kitchen!

This past week has shown me how much and how fast she has grown up. Finding not one but two teeth about to pop out of her gums, watching her be so close to crawling (she has the position and moving her knees down pat, she’s not sure what to do with her arms, and when she does think to move her arms sadly falls over due to her balance) I’m proud to have been able to watch as she feeds herself her Farley biscuit, or when she leans in for the spoon filled with her rice cereal.

I also am able to notice personality traits in my daughter, and see some things of myself in her, one thing i’m noticing that when she laughs she snorts, which I will be honest I also tend to do sometimes when I really get into laughing. We notice how inquisitive and curious my daughter is, she won’t sit still she must look and discover everything around her. My daughter also seems to be a daredevil, she loves to be thrown into the air, she loves us pretend “dropping” her (we keep our arms around her but quickly move our upper body forward until shes close to the ground) she squeals and gets the biggest widest smile on her face.

These six months have gone by quicker then I could ever have imagined. I’m amazed that in six months by beautiful baby will be a one year old. My miracle has helped me grow these past months just as much as she has grown these past few months. I’m proud of everything my daughter has been able to accomplish these past few months.


Lily Is Two Months Old!

Yesterday Lily turned two months old, goodness my daughter is growing up so quickly, it feels like just yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital. My daughter has made some great moments for mommy to be proud of this past month.

Go Lily!

Go Lily!

Since Lily was born she had been able to hold her head up all by herself for quite a bit for her age, whenever she was being burped or if we just sat her up on her laps she would hold her head up herself for a long few moments, but these past couple of weeks shes able to hold her head higher while doing tummy time, and shes actually been moving her head around back and forth while having her head up in tummy time. It’s become harder to burp her over the shoulder because whenever one puts her on there shoulder she just holds her head up, but of course this mother is proud that her little one’s neck is quite strong!

Lily this past month has been an amazing walking partner also, she’s finally warmed up to using the baby carrier and I have been able to go grocery shopping twice in the past week with her, she loves looking around for a few minutes, breathing the fresh air and then she quietly drifts off to sleep.

This morning actually Lily sort of held up her bottle by herself for 5 seconds or so! She’s been holding onto the bottle for quite awhile but today Michael moved his hand for a second and let her hold onto it like she normally does and there she was holding it up for a seconds.

Lily received her first piece of mail this past month, one of her identification cards, I loved seeing her full name on a document, makes me love the name Michael and I chose for her even more just knowing that it looks so beautiful together.

Lily has been making noises in an attempt to talk, she’s mimicking the movements me and Michael’s mouths make when were talking to her and she’s making noises all the time, she’s going to be quite the non stop talker one’s shes older.

This past month has been a really great one, and I can’t wait to watch this next month and see the new things she accomplishes.