London Baby Expo Day

Yesterday was finally the day I was able to visit the London Baby Expo. I have been looking forward to this day all month and could barely sleep the night before because I was that excited.

Finally The Baby Expo Is Open!

Finally The Baby Expo Is Open!

Lily,my mother, sister, my sisters husband and myself all went together to the expo. We were lucky to be one of the first 150 inside so we were able to get a freebie bag, which I loved! pamphlets, freebie pens, candy, even some coupons for some of the booths (like the photography booths as example.) We walked around for a few hours, Lily loved looking at all the colors of things, and smiled and “talked” to some of the exhibitors and just to herself. She did not stay in the stroller the whole time, Lily likes to be able to see everything, which she couldn’t look behind in the stroller so for the last part of the walk through she was held and she was quite happy to be out of the stroller! There was a petting zoo and at first Lily wasn’t very interested, but when we were walking away one of the people working with the petting zoo was carrying a baby kangaroo and Lily stared at it for awhile and smiled.

We picked up some clothes from the Mom to Mom sales (it’s like indoor garage sales but only for babies/children’s clothes and toys) and we found a few gently used toys that we picked up also. The last few times we have been we picked up spices from a stand called Epicure, this time we picked up Garlic aioli, and we picked up a mix for pumpkin cheesecake that I’m ecstatic to try.

When we were finished and we were heading back to the car we saw that another part of the fair district (where the expo was) had a Campuscrew liquidation sale! Amazing prizes! I mean $5 shirts, $17 sweaters, amazing sales, I ended up picking up a baggy tank top, a off the shoulder t-shirt, and finally found a tank top that is long enough to fit my long torso!

Baby's Sweet Potato Pie

Baby’s Sweet Potato Pie

We then stopped into Walmart to pick up Lily some more baby food (I really have to take out my baby bullet soon and begin to use it!) and while there we found a new food that I wanted to try for Lily, it’s Baby Gourmet brand and it’s one of those squeeze pouches, there was a few that I wanted to try but I gave the deciding vote to my mother and she chose the Baby’s Sweet Potato Pie. I picked up another t-shirt and short pajama’s for Lily since it is getting very hot here, and her nursery in our apartment is sweltering at nighttime.

Once we returned home Lily tried Cheerios for the first time and she loved them! It was so sweet to see Lily picking them up and eating them, she had a cute moment when she started babbling and a full cheerio was stuck to her bottom lip! Also when we returned home we tried the new food flavor…someone had two bites and then refused to eat it, she had a few more bites after we fed her some sweet potatoes though. We did not realize there was cinnamon in the puree (I know I should have looked) and I don’t think Lily likes to many odd flavors. She really only eats peas, sweet potatoes and squash right know and I was hoping to get different fruits and vegetables into her but the cinnamon hindered this I think.

Lily's First Bites Of Cheerios!

Lily’s First Bites Of Cheerios!

Yesterday was an amazing day and I’m very proud of my daughter and how good she was today, and how much she babbled, and how little she squawked today!


London Baby Expo!

On November 3rd I woke up excited, London’s Bump, Baby and Toddler expo was today! I’ve been unable to write about it (the last few posts have been pre-written) and I know it’s been a few weeks since, but I just have to get out the word of this amazing expo!

The first Baby expo I went to was back in May, I loved it, I was pregnant and in baby heaven! One of my favorite things were the freebies, which were a good treat that I wasn’t expecting, the vendors were so positive, asking questions about my pregnancy and I had such a great experience that I new I needed to return to the next expo, which I was so happy to find out the last week of October that it was November 2nd and 3rd.

My mother, Lily and I all went to the expo, which was a great experience, Lily actually slept through the whole thing and I was amazed! there was excitement everywhere.

I must say I’m not sure but this time around it seemed to me there were more vendors for pregnancy instead of babies and toddlers, I’m not sure if its because I was pregnant the last time and didn’t notice because the pregnancy vendors were what I was paying more attention to, or if they just had more vendors for birth and pregnancy (things such as water births, cord blood banking and pregnancy nutrition)

One other issue I had was there was plenty of banks with stands, and other vendors that had nothing fully to do with kids, a protein drink, a presidents choice credit card and other vendors. Where I understand some businesses need these expo’s to drum up business and get the word out, it seemed like there was almost half of the vendors didn’t have much to do with baby or toddlers.

Honestly though there were some really great vendors, I was so happy to see all the craft vendors, I was able to buy a headband so that I can hopefully control Lily’s hair that even though it’s not to long, it still is pretty long and sticks up everywhere. I was also able to find (at a reasonable price) these sort of leg covers (they look like socks that go up to her upper thigh and do not have feet) there great for later when she begins to crawl, and easy so that she still has her legs covered but I don’t have to take her pants on and off, I can change her diaper with the leg covers still on! They have so many cute crafts, frilly diaper covers, cute ties for boys, beautiful flower headbands, so many different fabrics and clothing.

I was so happy to see a stand for Todays Parent magazine and was so happy to get a subscription which came with a free book! I also saw a vendor that I was so happy due to the fact that I was given a coupon that if I take it into the Library I can get a free bag of books and some CD’S for Lily!

Even though I didn’t have to use the stations since Lily was asleep the whole time I was happy to see that the expo had a nursing area, diaper change area and even a bottle warming station. Knowing that they made everything available for mothers/fathers was a big positive for the expo, it showed they cared and that they wanted us to be comfortable at the expo.

One thing I really liked that was at this expo that wasn’t at the expo earlier this year was the Whoa Mama!¬†¬†stands, Whoa Mama says they are “mothers selling baby and kids product, similar to kijiji but in person” they had a large corner of the back of he expo room were they had a couple of mothers with stands selling things such as baby clothes, books, cd’s and DVD’s and toys. I was able to get a couple of cute shirts, pants, a couple of toys also, I’m going to keep looking for other Whoa Mama projects and would love to shop again with them!

Overall it was an amazing day, good freebies and a great shopping, I can not wait for the next expo in May 2014!