All I Want Are My Two Front Teeth!

Lily is an overachiever it seems and instead of pushing down one first tooth her body has decided, nope that won’t do and her two upper front teeth are coming out at the same time!

After months of dealing with random cries of pain that we have realized is due to teething, this past week I was finally able to take a good look at Lily’s mouth. I’ve been able to take a peek at her bottom gums, but when I would go to try and see the top of her mouth she would freak out and try to wiggle her way out of my arms or away from me. A few days ago though as I finished feeding her the nipple of the bottle pushed up her top lip and showed me not one, but two teeth white, outlined and so close to the bottom on her gums. There was a huge shock of excitement and I automatically called my mother letting her know I finally found the teeth!

Everything made sense, Lily was not going down to sleep alone and needed to sleep in bed next to my mother or me or she would not stay asleep, and these past few days Lily will not let me put her down for very long, she constantly wants to be held or snuggled. At first the constant contact was sweet, I must be honest it’s getting a little tough though, I’m unable to eat unless she’s sitting in my lap or else she’s crying uncontrollably, she’s not napping as much leading her to be a little cranky. Of course it’s understandable, I myself am having on and off pains of my wisdom teeth coming in, and I’ve experienced this process before and understand what is going on, while my daughter hasn’t experience it before and has no clue why it is happening.

Her teeth are not quite out yet but they are so close that I can imagine less then five days and at least one will be peaking through.

I’m proud of my daughter, she’s a trooper and I couldn’t imagine having two front teeth coming in at once for her first teeth. The fact that she can still be the bubbly, smiling daughter I know and love makes me a proud mother.

What are some tips or advice you have for a mother of a teething child? 


Her First Bites

One generation to the next, My daughter was able to have her first bites of solid food this past week, and she was able to have those “bites” in the same high chair I used as a young child. The older wooden high chair will work for a little while longer but we are looking for a newer version, that also has a bigger lip on the sides so my miss messy eater won’t be able to keep pushing her Farley biscuits off the side of the tray.

I am very thankful that my mother gladly helped me with Lily’s first bites, I’ve spent months worrying and stressing over her first foods and having my mother a veteran in baby feeding be by my side helped calm my nerves.

We got Lily all set up in the high chair, letting her play with a toy for a few minutes before we started feeding just so that she would be a little more comfortable in the seat, and we then fed her, at first Lily loved it, she was grabbing for the spoon, somewhat eating what was on the spoon, of course some didn’t make it into the mouth but all over her face. Then the third bite was when things started to get a little harder, she was not opening her mouth for the spoon, and eventually gave the cutest, but most disgusted look on her face. She stopped opening her mouth and wasn’t taking in any of the food. So we finally decided that was enough for the day.

Second Bite!

Second Bite!

At first we thought it was a different texture so that might be the reason, and we moved to watering the food down a little more and feeding it to her through a bottle, she drank it up quickly. Our idea is that the spoon was part of the problem, seeing as she loves the food when drank through a bottle.

Later on while my mother and I were cooking dinner (I’m visiting my parents for the week) we decided to put Lily back in the high chair and give her a Farley biscuit. I was amazed that this biscuit was the first thing she didn’t automatically put into her mouth…of course the thing you want her to put in her mouth and “chew” she doesn’t! After breaking the biscuit in half so it was easier for her to handle she went at it, she started “chewing” bits that fell off into her mouth and when she either dropped a piece in her lap or was all finished with her piece she would bang on the high chair table until we gave her another piece.

The mess was all over, crumbs on the floor, the whole table with crumb and wet biscuit, it was all up her hands and arms, crumbs on her pants, all over the bib, on her sleeves, on top of her nose and on her cheeks close to her ears somehow, and even after taking her bib off we found some underneath were the bib was!

I’m proud of my daughter, and this amazing new milestone, her first bites went better then I expected!

Little Moments – Christmas Cheer!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

With Lily staring at the Christmas tree lights with her mouth agape, with reading Christmas cooking books and magazines becomes the perfect foodie past-time, when watching the snow fall as you are snuggled with your little blessing and a hot cup of peppermint mocha. Oh what a perfect time of year!

There are plenty  of amazing little moments that happened this past 2 weeks that have to deal with Christmas cheer, a little moment that makes me all warm and cozy inside is the new use I have for candy canes, using them as a stir stick for mixing together your hot cocoa, and of course hanging it off the side of the cup makes the peppermint infuse with the cocoa for a longer period of time making it the perfect peppermint to chocolate ratio!

Hot Cocoa in the perfect Gingerbread mug!

Hot Cocoa in the perfect Gingerbread mug!

We have yet to finish our Christmas tree, but the little moment of hanging Christmas lights, hanging some of the decorations, and finally having somewhere to put the wrapped presents beneath is perfect. We decided upon a 4’5 tree just so that for future Christmases there won’t be to many issues if little blessing decide’s she wishes to pull down the tree. We decided to put the tree atop a stool so that Kier was unable to get at the tree since he was pawing at the branches when we did have it on the ground for a day.

Only thing missing is an angel and a few more ornaments!

Only thing missing is an angel and a few more ornaments!

Little moments spent looking and writing recipes for Christmas day, I love Christmas baking and Christmas cooking, this year i’m going to try and plan a lot of appetizers and help side dishes. I missed out of the Christmas cooking and planning Christmas meals last year due to being inpatient so I’m making up for that this year.

Perfect Reading before bed!

Perfect Reading before bed!

A breakfast of homemade pumpkin scones, that taste just as amazing as the scones from Starbucks, and a cup of Holiday Tea still in the cupboard from before Teaopia was bought out by Teavana, is a little moment that I was able to spend with my mother, and Lily yesterday morning. It was made even more amazing since I was able to find and clean some Christmas plates and cups just in time to use!

A tasty breakfast!

A tasty breakfast!

It’s a good day when your able to find a little moment when you can sit down and paint both your finger, and toenails with red nail polish and green glitter polish. Spreading Christmas joy through your beauty.

Little moments that makes me happy is spending the weekend over at my parents home to help them decorate there tree, watching Christmas movies, drinking Starbucks peppermint mocha’s, Lily lying on the ground staring up at the lights.

The little moments of Lily being quite this past week (I wrote before about how she has been fussy this past few weeks) and the only thing that really made her quite some days was having the cartoon version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas on repeat! I’ve watched this movie more then enough this past week!

The little moments of Christmas cheer are always some of the greatest.

Teething Process Beginning

Watching your baby cry and knowing there isn’t any way to fully take away her pain is the most painful and saddest thing of being a parent and this past week I finally came face to face to this situation. In the past Lily has been fussy, but rocking her, burping her, or just tickling her could make her stop crying, but this cry is different, this is a shrill cry that really makes you hurt deep in your heart, the cry you know she’s crying because she’s in pain…and all you can do is give her a dose of medicine and rocking her to try and soothe her the best I can.

Since the day after our Christmas party Lily has been sucking on her fingers, blankets and anything she can get her hands on, Including my hair while it’s still wet from my shower; and when you try to move it out of her mouth she cries.(trying to clothe a baby with a blanket in her hand is a hard task, and trying to rock a child while she’s actually yanking your hair out is also hard)

Where we can’t feel any teeth yet, or see anything coming up in her mouth were pretty sure the teething process has begun, my mother says I began to teeth around the age Lily is know, and one of Michael’s sisters actually began to teeth at around 2 months so with that in mind were pretty sure she’s teething.

Honestly this past week has been hard, Lily is barely sleeping three hours from 9am until 9pm, and whenever she does fall asleep she’s waking up an hour or so in with a painful cry, where she needs to be held or she will not fall back asleep or stop crying.

I am proud of myself though, Just a month ago I would bawling my eyes out in the corner because I couldn’t deal with hearing my child crying, and I didn’t know what to do. But I’ve grown as a stronger mother and I understand sometimes she just needs to cry, and sometimes all I can do is hold her and sing to her. I’m trying my hardest, I’m giving her, her needs but right know the only thing that I could do more is to magically take her pain away, which sadly is not possible.

Christmas Shopping

Yesterday I took my second trip for Christmas shopping, and I’m still not done! I am pretty close though, all I have to do is a couple more things for Michael’s stocking, and I need a stocking for Lily still.

Last year due to being on the psych ward in our local hospital for a month+ I was unable to get a day pass so that I was able to do Christmas shopping, luckily I was in art therapy so I was able to use my projects for Christmas shopping. Where the presents were liked and understood by my family I wanted to make sure I gave my family something amazing this Christmas.

Christmas Shopping In Heels!?

Overwhelmed with Presents!

This is the most Christmas shopping I have done in my life! I’m buying for my parents, my sister and her husband, Michael and my little cutie, Lily. And I’m not going  lie, it’s exhausting!

Not just the running around, the going to two different malls, different big stores, random smaller stores. But shopping with a baby is exhausting also! countless moments spent having to carry Lily around the store because it was the only way to calm her down (I’m pretty sure Lily is starting the teething process) and countless diaper changes, folding up the stroller, taking out the stroller. It was exciting and I feel proud that I was able to handle 4+ hours of shopping two separate days of shopping in under a week.

One of the hardest things is keeping myself from buying so much. This year is one of the first years I have more then $80 to spend on Christmas gifts, and that coupled with wanting to make Lily’s first Christmas, and the first Christmas with Michael more amazing by buying great gifts it’s hard to stop myself from buying plenty. But I was strong and didn’t spend a crazy amount and didn’t go as crazy as I want to. I turned down buying that new xbox, and I turned down buying Lily three different fancy dresses (Honestly as much as I love them, she wouldn’t fully have anywhere to wear them to)

Christmas shopping for a bigger family, and my own little family makes me feel more grown and mature, and I adore the feeling! I’m proud of myself for being able to even go out and budget for Christmas, I’m proud of being able to think of multiple gifts, and creative ideas for gifts. I’m proud that I’m even able to go out shopping and not have a panic attack, heck January of this year I had a panic attack just going into the same malls as I did my Christmas shopping due to social anxiety.

In all honesty, I really do like the experience of Christmas shopping, I love giving things to others and I can not wait to see my family’s face’s when they open there presents, I think honestly the only thing that could make Christmas shopping better would be A) if I didn’t have to walk around for 4+ hours in one day to do the shopping B) If I had more money to buy the things I wish I could buy for my loved ones!

I hope your Christmas Shopping is the best experience it can be, and GOOD LUCK.

Do you like Christmas shopping? What would make it better?

Hot Chocolate Station

Personally the best Christmas drink is Hot Chocolate, of course recently the close second is becoming peppermint Mocha’s, but Hot cocoa is still number one in my books.

This past Sunday was one of my families Christmas parties, my sister and mother hosted the Christmas Soiree and my sister had one of the greatest idea’s for a Christmas party, a hot chocolate station, I just had to share it with my readers.

Hot Cocoa Station!

Hot Cocoa Station!

From young and old everyone took part and made there own special hot chocolate, and even went back for seconds…and thirds. It’s the perfect thing to add to your Christmas party, or an amazing thing to bring to a party.

To make your own the main ingredient of course is the Hot Chocolate, you can spring for an actual canister, or you could go to a bulk store and buy plenty of mix (honestly it saves money, and on top of it, it does taste pretty good anyways!) there are plenty of mixings you can add some of the few we had at the party were:

  • Crushed up chocolate
  • Crushed up white chocolate
  • Crushed up candy canes
  • Marshmallows (of course!)
  • Soft Caramels
  • Caramel sauce

There are plenty of other things you could add, if you do go to the bulk store to get the hot chocolate go through the aisle’s and take a look at other things you can add!

What is your special/favorite Christmas drink? Would you make a hot chocolate station (if you do I’d love to hear how it went!) 


Christmas Wishlist

I remember as a child writing my “Dear Santa” wishlist for Christmas. I would sit down at my families kitchen table with the Sears Christmas catalog as my mother cooked dinner and go page by page and list my dream presents. Of course my first draft was large, but I would spend a week on my list and narrow it down (Yes I was the child that actually had about three written drafts of a Christmas wishlist before I made my final decisions and my final list that I would send to Santa Claus) Where Santa is no longer the person that needs my wishlist, I’m going to write a couple of things I dream of getting, even though since having a child makes our pockets tight I’m accepting I might not get what I want on this list, but I’d like to have a list to look back on next year to see if my likes and dislikes have changed in a year. cfd33102a18c6ed85cbd3c0e6c25f04fI really want to be able to have a constant reminder of Lily during the day, even if she’s not with me. I want to show people that I’m a proud mother and that my child is my miracle, I want to have something about her close to me. I’m hoping to have a tattoo of her name or a Lily flower to remind me of her, but i’m not going to be able to get one soon so I’d like to have something else signifying her in a sense on me, and what better way then with a ring? I’d love one with her name on it, her birth date possibly, or even her birthstone. I found the above photo on Etsy but there are plenty others that I love. I’m trying to find one big enough (size 7 or so) but a ring would be perfect so whenever I write I can remember her, and since I have my grandmothers necklace I don’t wish to have two necklace’s or they will just tangle.

My mother has collected Willow Tree figurines since I was a young child, She even has a Willow Tree Nativity! This past Mothers day my mother did things differently and decided to also give presents to my sister and I and that’s when I was gifted my first Willow Tree, since then I’ve been gifted another Willow Tree and I would love to start a collection like my mothers. She works at Hallmark so I’m able to look at all the beautiful figures they have whenever I pick her up from work. This one caught my eye and I would love to have a figurine that reminded me of both Lily and Michael.

Eat St. is my absolute favorite Food Network show. I love that they share so many different recipes, and from so many different types of foods, BBQ, Asian flare, Organic, Vegetarian, Pizza’s and even just simple burgers done with new twists! When I found out the show was coming out with a book I couldn’t wait, I believe this recipe book would go so far, so many different types of food and so many different ideas!

I love tea, Obviously. I actually have only had summer and autumn seasonal tea’s from DavidsTea, and I would love to have a winter seasonal tea, this tea I think was pretty much made for me, I adore white chocolate and then on top of the tea having my much loved white chocolate it has peppermint in it! I think I would end up drinking this tea throughout the year so a big bag might be needed, but any new tea would be amazing!

I love candles, I love the warm light perfect for a relaxing bath, I love the magical smells they make. Where I might not be able to light candles as much soon because of fear of Lily hurting herself possibly, I would love some special candles with amazing smells. There is one other candle a mint chocolate candle that looks amazing, and they both say they are limited edition so I should try and get them soon!

What To Expect When You're Expecting DVD

What To Expect When You’re Expecting DVD

I watched this movie earlier this year just a little bit after I found out I was pregnant, I honestly loved this movie, it has hilarious parts, some tear jerking parts, and I’m amazed how amazing the movie is even though there are multiple different stories going on at once.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?