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Little Moments is not my first crack at blogging, I began my blogging journey in August of 2012 with a blog that dealt with the biggest aspect of my life, my mental health. I wanted people to understand mental health and to let people understand what it felt like to live daily with mental health issues. I was writing to help Diminish The Stigma of mental health.

Excerpt from my “about the blog” page on Diminish the stigma:

When I was first diagnosed with mental health issues at the age of 14, and was taken out of my grade nine year of school to go through 5 long months of treatment, I had no clue the struggles I would have to face when I returned to public school in grade ten. Somehow word had gotten out about my mental health issues, kids I had gone to elementary school with knew all about my self injury, my suicide attempt and my negative body image issues. I couldn’t get away from it, walking down the halls, in gym locker rooms, and in my classes. I remember once even going into the bathroom and hearing two girls clear as day call me “suicide girl.” That name stuck with me, and i’ve heard it more then a few times since that day.

Having to deal with the stigma that I went through from my classmates, family Doctor, church parishioners and countless others made my recovery and acceptance of my Mental Illnesses even harder. And has made many others have issues in there own recovery and acceptance of self.

I’m here, i’m writing this blog to bring awareness to others about many different mental health issues, knowledge can help fight this stigma. I’m writing about the awareness days, weeks, and months that deal with Mental Health Issues. I will also be writing about events I will be going to, examples like the Take Back The Night march, and Shine The Light On Women’s Abuse month events held by my local Women’s Abuse Center.

This is a  place that I can help this world find a little piece of peace, I’m trying to help to better this world in ANY way that I am capable of doing. Will you join me?

If you wish to read and comment on my blog and help me diminish the stigma of mental health just click the link below and go forth and read!


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