Relaxation Night

On Friday my mother came over and picked up Lily for the weekend, she’s coming home on Monday as much as its obvious I love my daughter the break is welcomed. I’ve been having issues with my back and neck and have pulled a few muscles simply due to bending over and picking up a baby almost hourly, also I have been stressing a lot lately, making sure I can give Lily an amazing first Christmas, me worrying about money (no matter if I do have enough money I still stress about spending money, money is one of my biggest issues in terms of stress) On top of those stresses I have a psychiatrist appointment on Monday which I have yet to have a psychiatrist appointment since May or so, so I’m stressed out about that, and the fact that even though I have the chance to sleep at night my insomnia kicks in at night when I can sleep and when I’m not able to sleep (ex. when I’m taking care of Lily) I am exhausted.

Yesterday I spent the morning watching documentaries with Michael and sitting and talking with him which we haven’t been able to sit down and talk for awhile so it was nice, we talked about religion and our stresses and we talked about Christmas. Michael and I also went for a quick walk around yesterday afternoon while it was snowing out, it was beautiful and sweet. I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up our apartment, and our kitchen doing a lot of dishes (I’m not going to lie, I’ve been slacking this past week with cleaning) and running after Kier because he’s been sick multiple times today sadly.

Last night though was my relaxation time. After calling my parents house to check in on Lily and just to hear her in the background I made myself a bath and put in some lavender bubble bath and I just lay in the water. I haven’t had a bath in months so it was nice to give myself that treat. I loved the relaxing affects of the smell of lavender one of the most calming things for myself honestly so the scent helped ease my tension and stress.

When I got out of the bath I put on great smelling body lotion then sat down and painted my nails, something I don’t normally do, but I decided to see if it would be a nice treat to myself, and I actually feel kind of pretty having my nails painted a deep red/purple color.

The best way though that I relaxed last night was my all time favorite thing to do, a great cup of tea. Tea is one thing I have treated myself with for the past two years. It’s one of the only things I accept spending money on for myself. I love all the different flavors and I love trying new flavors. Last night I drank a tea I have left over from last years autumn collection from DavidsTea, Pumpkin Chai. I will make sure to write up my review soon. IMG_2882

How do you relax? What are your favorite things to do when you have free time?


Oh Canada -DavidTea Review

Oh Canada!

Oh Canada!

I was saving this tea to review on Canada day, but of course with pregnancy brain I forgot to write up and post this review, but better late then never I guess!

This tea I was most excited to try because I love maple, and of course I am a proud Canadian and as a proud Canadian knew I had to try this tea at least once!

DavidsTea description of this tea is as follows:

Looking for a taste of Canada? Try this red rooibos tea. It’s sweetened with (what else?) maple syrup and sprinkled with delicious maple leaf candies. Plus it’s 100% diplomatic (well, caffeine-free) and tastes great in both our official languages. With green rooibos, honeybush, caramel and toffee bits to shake things up. A truly authentic Canadian experience.

With Ingredients of:

  • South African green and red rooibos
  • honeybush
  • caramel bits
  • toffee bits
  • candy leaves
  • artificial and natural flavoring
Cute Maple Leaf Sprinkles!

Cute Maple Leaf Sprinkles!

I personally steeped this tea for around 6 minutes, the in between time given for steeping this particular tea.

The liquor of this tea is a rich deep tan color, deeper color then I am use to in a tea.

The smell of the dry leaves is mostly maple, a very strong maple smell. As the tea steeps, the smell starts to be lost, and only a small hint of maple can be smelled.

The taste of the tea is underwhelming sadly. I can slightly taste the maple, and slightly taste the toffee pieces, but I can barely taste anything, even only a slight hint of tea!

In the future I will try to steep this tea longer and see if it changed the taste, but in my opinion I would not buy another batch of this tea, I purchased 50g and I think that’s plenty for me.

Have you tried this tea before? Your opinions? Remember if there is a tea you wish me to review let me know and I will purchase and review for you!

My First Mixed Ice Tea!

When I was planning my aunts bridal shower with my mother we knew we wanted to try to make an ice tea, so of course we went to my favorite tea store in London, Ontario, Davids Tea! I was so happy that we were given plenty of ideas from the sales associate we worked with. We decided against one of the summer lines pre-made ice tea packs, and opted to make a regular tea into an ice tea, which we later decided to mix a few teas together to make the perfect combination.

Tea is one of the things I actually adore, I have books that I personally study from so that I am able to learn more about the process of making tea, and the history of tea, so mixing a tea was the perfect task for me, and one I was excited about for days.

Ice tea in mason jars!

Ice tea in mason jars!

We decided on the Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait tea that I reviewed just a couple of days ago, we used this as the main flavor base, we didn’t want to mix two flavored teas together due to not fully knowing all the likes and dislikes of the large gathering of bridal shower attendees so we picked this tea in particular because it is quite the summer flavors for a tea.

As I looked through my mothers tea cupboard (which is definitely a HUGE size difference to mine, as she only has about 12 teas versus my know 39-40 different types and flavors of teas) I was unsure of what to add in, my mother has mostly soothing teas, lemon teas, teas to help you sleep (as she also has insomnia issues) but luckily I found her “morning teas” those teas that one drinks in the more for a little bit of caffeine rather then a cup of coffee, or just the English breakfast tea. I opted to do one teabag of English breakfast tea, and one teabag of a straight black tea with no extra flavoring.

My mother and I were so happy with the taste that we made sure to make extra to have after the shower. Most of the attendees drank my ice tea mixture, which I was so proud that they loved.

We served the ice tea in mason jars which gave it the perfect summer flare an ice tea needs!

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait Tea Review

My mother and I went to Davids tea early last week to make sure we had a tea for my aunts bridal showers ice tea that we were planning on making (which will be in a future post) I was amazed that the first tea we were given to smell from the advice of the sales associate was the one we couldn’t help but pick (I normally spend around 10-15 minutes choosing tea, while this trip was only around 6-7 minutes!) I was so excited to come home and try this tea.

Tea Steeping

Tea Steeping

The ancient Chinese used it in medicine. The medieval Europeans traded for it along the Silk Road. And today we love it in pies, sauces, muffins or just plain, dipped in a little sugar. But the best way to eat rhubarb is with sweet, ripe strawberries. Like in this refreshingly fruity, deep red tisane. It tastes as bright and juicy as a fresh-picked berry, with a tart rhubarb punch and a subtle hint of yogurt creaminess. We love it hot or iced, or as the base for sweet, zippy sangria. Now that’s a beautiful thing. Caffeine-free. From DavidsTea site.

Ingredients include:

  • Apple
  • hibiscus
  • raisins
  • carrot
  • yogurt bits
  • beetroot
  • strawberry
  • rhubarb
  • artificial flavouring

The smell of this tea was what caught me, and my mother off guard, we were amazed at how strong and natural the smell of strawberries were in this tea, both dry and after being steeped. Actually the whole kitchen smelled like strawberries after steeping this tea!

The liquor of this tea is a bright, yet deep red. It’s a beautiful color!

I was a little saddened by the taste of this tea, while I am one that dislikes adding any sugar, honey or agave to sweeten tea because I like to let the tea do itself justice, I could not drink this tea straight. But I must say it might also be due to me not really tasting rhubarb before and that might be what I am not use to. The taste though was good, there is no taste of tea of course. The strawberry flavor is there, and I do agree with the description that there is a little creaminess flavor from the yogurt.

Overall I will be returning to Davidstea to purchase this tea again.

Baked Apple Pie Tea- Teaopia

Even though Teaopia no longer exists (sadly it was bought out by another tea company, Teavana) I will be reviewing this tea since it is still my favorite tea, and I am currently looking for a similar “apple pie” tea, so any tea addicts like myself out there if you happen to have knowledge of an apple pie tea please let me know, my search is getting hard!

I tasted this tea in store, just weeks before Teaopia was closed and transformed into Teavana at our closet mall. I’m very happy that I tasted this tea in the store. I had been on a black tea kick and was only planning on purchasing black tea if I had not had a sample I would have never known how great this tea smelled and tasted!

Baked Apple Pie Oolong Tea

Baked Apple Pie Oolong Tea

This Baked Apple Pie is an Oolong tea, were there are apple pieces, sultana raisins, cinnamon bits, almond slices and vanilla bits.

I have made this tea plenty (sadly almost at the end of my bag know) and I prefer to let it steep longer then the average tea. I like to wait until the apple pieces are fully hydrated once again due to their flavor then fully able to be infused into the tea.

The smell of this tea is beyond enticing. You are able to smell the apple pieces, and the smell of the tea mixed together truly makes for the best smell to great your nose each time you take a sip!

The liquor of this tea is a very beautiful tan brownish color, just like the top of the dough from a baked apple pie!

The taste of this tea is just like the smell, a mix of apple and tea, and a hint of the vanilla and a light taste of the cinnamon.

This tea opened me up to trying more types of tea. This was at the beginning of my loose leaf tea love and I had only fully tried green tea and black tea, and had yet to even hear of other types of teas. With this new openness to all types of tea that came with trying the sample of this tea I have know tried white tea, flowering teas, and herbal teas, and am hoping to try other teas soon!

Tea Addict Much?

Tea Cupboard!

Tea Cupboard!

I never realized how much tea I actually had until I started packing to move into this new apartment, and unpacking my tea once we arrived. Total count for how many different types of tea I have? thirty-six! Yeah, that’s quite a big number for only starting to purchase loose leaf tea back in October of 2012. Of course I have more then just loose leaf tea, as you can see in the photograph on the right side is my section of tea bags, which is a smaller side since I’m unable to fully find bagged teas I actually like the taste of. Most of the time the only reason I have bagged tea is due to it being easier if I am traveling or visiting someone that does not drink loose leaf tea and do not have the instruments needed to make that sort of tea.

I have grown up drinking tea rather then any other hot beverage, I was the only little kid at my grandmothers house that wouldn’t line up for hot chocolate but would wait with the my mother and aunts for the kettle to be done. I grew up drinking mainly orange pekoe tea but this past year or more I have decided to grow my taste in tea and began with green tea, then moved onto black, followed by oolong, roobios and am know just starting to drink herbal teas, Yerba mate and of course my much loved Chai.

Drinking tea is one of the only things I am able to do to relax. I am the type of person that when Michael tells me I need to relax and de-stress, I either answer “I’m not sure how” Or I walk straight to my tea cupboard. In my opinion the whole routine of preparing tea all the way to that first sip is the best personal therapy I have. Pouring the water in the kettle, standing and waiting to hear the water boil (which I love the sound of boiling water) to putting the tea ball, or tea bag in the teacup and waiting for those minutes to go by as the tea steeps just slows down my stressful thoughts and puts me in a more peaceful mindset.

My newest teacup and mugs.

My newest teacup and mugs.

It’s not just the tea though that I am addicted to. Since a little girl I have been collecting Teacups and Tea mugs. I grew up having fake tea parties and one of my favorite make believe scenarios as a child was to be a tea house owner and I would go around make believe customers and fill there teacups. I use to only collect teacups (which sadly are still in storage at my parents home) but once I began drinking more tea this past year I realized a small teacup would not do any longer for my own tea drinking, and I would need something bigger. Where most people call them “coffee mugs” since I do not drink coffee much (Unless it’s flavored) and I do not let Michael use my mugs to drink his coffee I decide to refer to my mugs as “tea mugs.”

With thirty-six different types of tea, I think there will be plenty of tea reviews on this blog. Most of my tea has been purchased from DavidsTea, but as of moving into Michael and I’s new apartment the closest loose leaf tea store is Teavana (a tea store I have actually yet to purchase from as of today) which I will begin to purchase from and review tea soon. If there are any requests you have of tea you wish for me to review, let me know and I will gladly purchase and review that tea!

Are you a tea addict? How many teas do you have in your cupboards? Do you collect teacups/ tea mugs?

Toasted Marshmallow First Tea Review!

Toasted Marshmallow was my first DavidsTea tin that I have ever bought, and with good reason! The obvious reason, that it was the first tea bag I had ever finished, and also because the taste was pretty awesome.

Inside The Tin

Inside The Tin

I had quite the interesting first experience drinking this tea, I had made it and went to go sit in my room with my window open just a crack…I took my first sip and that’s when my neighbors began a bonfire. Perfect timing.

The site describes it as:

“Everyone loves a camping trip in the fall. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, hungry bears – ah, the great outdoors. Well, okay, we’ll admit it. We’re only in it for the marshmallows. Nothing beats a freshly toasted marshmallow straight from the campfire. But what if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without going camping? Try this tea. It’s a sweet, toasty black tea blend with cinnamon, brittle and…you guessed it! Mini marshmallows. Now you can enjoy your favorite outdoorsy treat without a hungry bear in sight.”

With ingredients of :

  • Black tea
  • Marshmallows
  • Brittle pieces
  • Cinnamon
  • Allspice
  • Roasted kukicha green tea
  • Natural flavourings

I’m not going to lie the main reason I bought this was due to the marshmallows,  first because of the kid in me, and secondly because I have never heard of a tea with marshmallows…I was apprehensive to see if it mingled well together. One of the other reasons I picked up this tea is because I love black teas, out of my large collection of teas nine are black.

The allspice smell is in the for front (to me), but I am also able to smell the black tea base. I am also able to get a faint smell of the kukicha green tea. After brewing though I am only able to really smell the allspice and cinnamon.

The liquor to this tea is a very light tan or brown color.

When I drink this tea I am mostly tasting the allspice, but I am also tasting a marshmallow after taste. There’s no “punch” though to the taste, and you can’t fully taste a “spice” it’s more of a mellow allspice taste.

Overall this has become my favorite tea since my old favorite has been discontinued from another store. I am quite pleased with my first tin purchase.

Have you tasted this tea? Your opinions? Your favorite DavidsTea tea?