Trying New Recipes

I’ve been in a food slump since Lily was born (Okay, a month or two before Lily was born I began a food slump) I haven’t tried any new recipes for quite a few months, and have not really looked at cooking as an enjoyable experience, when it use to be my favorite part of the day. With taking care of Lily I’ve been rushing through prep and cooking dinner, and lunches or at times just waiting until she’s in bed at nighttime to cook dinner and then I’m too exhausted to enjoy cooking.

I’ve fallen into the pre-made, frozen food rut, Swanson skillet frozen dinner packages, frozen pizza’s, Chicken wings, frozen fish. The only thing in a few months I have made from scratch has been only one recipe that I’ve cooked only two or three times these past few months, everything else is mostly just thrown together quickly.

I’m hoping with this past week of trying a couple of new recipes, this rut might be over. I’ve realized if I wait to give Lily a Farley biscuit when I’m trying to make dinner it gives me about 30 minutes or so to prep and cook something with a few breaks to give her a new piece of biscuit. I’m hoping this tactic can stay in tact and I can start cooking more enjoyable and fresher dinners.

This past week while at my parents I tried a recipe that I’ve been unable to cook at home due to Michael’s rice allergy, It was a recipe I found in a cooking magazine, but was actually an add for Campbell’s cream of chicken soup. I was so excited to try this recipe, and I was so happy how amazing it tasted, I will gladly make this dinner again when I can.

Also this week I was able to make Brownies with cream cheese that tasted just like a delicious cheesecake, and I tried a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies which had pretzels in them, which was a delicious mix of sweet and salty. I am also happy to have finally tried cooking salmon. I’ve tried salmon before as a frozen food and swore off the fish because I thought it was always dry and never tasted good, but this past Christmas I was at a buffet restaurant and the salmon looked to good not to try, so I put it on my plate and picked at it until I ate it all and realized the flavors were amazing, and even went back for a few extra pieces. I’ve read plenty about the amazing health benefits of Salmon and am happy that my palate know enjoys the taste.

I’m hoping I can keep up with this tactic of letting Lily have her Farley biscuit while I create dinner and maybe actually try some new recipes along the way. If I’m really lucky even creating another recipe of my own. I’m looking forward to trying some recipes I’ve found in the cooking magazines at my mother homes, such as peach bars, maple bacon muffins, peaches and cream muffins and a few recipes made with tea.

Have you fallen into the frozen food rut? What have you done to get out of it, or to keep yourself out of it?


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