All I Want Are My Two Front Teeth!

Lily is an overachiever it seems and instead of pushing down one first tooth her body has decided, nope that won’t do and her two upper front teeth are coming out at the same time!

After months of dealing with random cries of pain that we have realized is due to teething, this past week I was finally able to take a good look at Lily’s mouth. I’ve been able to take a peek at her bottom gums, but when I would go to try and see the top of her mouth she would freak out and try to wiggle her way out of my arms or away from me. A few days ago though as I finished feeding her the nipple of the bottle pushed up her top lip and showed me not one, but two teeth white, outlined and so close to the bottom on her gums. There was a huge shock of excitement and I automatically called my mother letting her know I finally found the teeth!

Everything made sense, Lily was not going down to sleep alone and needed to sleep in bed next to my mother or me or she would not stay asleep, and these past few days Lily will not let me put her down for very long, she constantly wants to be held or snuggled. At first the constant contact was sweet, I must be honest it’s getting a little tough though, I’m unable to eat unless she’s sitting in my lap or else she’s crying uncontrollably, she’s not napping as much leading her to be a little cranky. Of course it’s understandable, I myself am having on and off pains of my wisdom teeth coming in, and I’ve experienced this process before and understand what is going on, while my daughter hasn’t experience it before and has no clue why it is happening.

Her teeth are not quite out yet but they are so close that I can imagine less then five days and at least one will be peaking through.

I’m proud of my daughter, she’s a trooper and I couldn’t imagine having two front teeth coming in at once for her first teeth. The fact that she can still be the bubbly, smiling daughter I know and love makes me a proud mother.

What are some tips or advice you have for a mother of a teething child? 


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