Little Moments – Christmas Cheer!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

With Lily staring at the Christmas tree lights with her mouth agape, with reading Christmas cooking books and magazines becomes the perfect foodie past-time, when watching the snow fall as you are snuggled with your little blessing and a hot cup of peppermint mocha. Oh what a perfect time of year!

There are plenty  of amazing little moments that happened this past 2 weeks that have to deal with Christmas cheer, a little moment that makes me all warm and cozy inside is the new use I have for candy canes, using them as a stir stick for mixing together your hot cocoa, and of course hanging it off the side of the cup makes the peppermint infuse with the cocoa for a longer period of time making it the perfect peppermint to chocolate ratio!

Hot Cocoa in the perfect Gingerbread mug!

Hot Cocoa in the perfect Gingerbread mug!

We have yet to finish our Christmas tree, but the little moment of hanging Christmas lights, hanging some of the decorations, and finally having somewhere to put the wrapped presents beneath is perfect. We decided upon a 4’5 tree just so that for future Christmases there won’t be to many issues if little blessing decide’s she wishes to pull down the tree. We decided to put the tree atop a stool so that Kier was unable to get at the tree since he was pawing at the branches when we did have it on the ground for a day.

Only thing missing is an angel and a few more ornaments!

Only thing missing is an angel and a few more ornaments!

Little moments spent looking and writing recipes for Christmas day, I love Christmas baking and Christmas cooking, this year i’m going to try and plan a lot of appetizers and help side dishes. I missed out of the Christmas cooking and planning Christmas meals last year due to being inpatient so I’m making up for that this year.

Perfect Reading before bed!

Perfect Reading before bed!

A breakfast of homemade pumpkin scones, that taste just as amazing as the scones from Starbucks, and a cup of Holiday Tea still in the cupboard from before Teaopia was bought out by Teavana, is a little moment that I was able to spend with my mother, and Lily yesterday morning. It was made even more amazing since I was able to find and clean some Christmas plates and cups just in time to use!

A tasty breakfast!

A tasty breakfast!

It’s a good day when your able to find a little moment when you can sit down and paint both your finger, and toenails with red nail polish and green glitter polish. Spreading Christmas joy through your beauty.

Little moments that makes me happy is spending the weekend over at my parents home to help them decorate there tree, watching Christmas movies, drinking Starbucks peppermint mocha’s, Lily lying on the ground staring up at the lights.

The little moments of Lily being quite this past week (I wrote before about how she has been fussy this past few weeks) and the only thing that really made her quite some days was having the cartoon version of How The Grinch Stole Christmas on repeat! I’ve watched this movie more then enough this past week!

The little moments of Christmas cheer are always some of the greatest.


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