Teething Process Beginning

Watching your baby cry and knowing there isn’t any way to fully take away her pain is the most painful and saddest thing of being a parent and this past week I finally came face to face to this situation. In the past Lily has been fussy, but rocking her, burping her, or just tickling her could make her stop crying, but this cry is different, this is a shrill cry that really makes you hurt deep in your heart, the cry you know she’s crying because she’s in pain…and all you can do is give her a dose of medicine and rocking her to try and soothe her the best I can.

Since the day after our Christmas party Lily has been sucking on her fingers, blankets and anything she can get her hands on, Including my hair while it’s still wet from my shower; and when you try to move it out of her mouth she cries.(trying to clothe a baby with a blanket in her hand is a hard task, and trying to rock a child while she’s actually yanking your hair out is also hard)

Where we can’t feel any teeth yet, or see anything coming up in her mouth were pretty sure the teething process has begun, my mother says I began to teeth around the age Lily is know, and one of Michael’s sisters actually began to teeth at around 2 months so with that in mind were pretty sure she’s teething.

Honestly this past week has been hard, Lily is barely sleeping three hours from 9am until 9pm, and whenever she does fall asleep she’s waking up an hour or so in with a painful cry, where she needs to be held or she will not fall back asleep or stop crying.

I am proud of myself though, Just a month ago I would bawling my eyes out in the corner because I couldn’t deal with hearing my child crying, and I didn’t know what to do. But I’ve grown as a stronger mother and I understand sometimes she just needs to cry, and sometimes all I can do is hold her and sing to her. I’m trying my hardest, I’m giving her, her needs but right know the only thing that I could do more is to magically take her pain away, which sadly is not possible.


One thought on “Teething Process Beginning

  1. Oh man, Atlas is just starting to teeth, from what I can tell (rosy cheeks, periods of fussiness, lots of chewing) and it is not fun!!
    You’re doing a great job, Mama! Keep it up 🙂

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