Hot Chocolate Station

Personally the best Christmas drink is Hot Chocolate, of course recently the close second is becoming peppermint Mocha’s, but Hot cocoa is still number one in my books.

This past Sunday was one of my families Christmas parties, my sister and mother hosted the Christmas Soiree and my sister had one of the greatest idea’s for a Christmas party, a hot chocolate station, I just had to share it with my readers.

Hot Cocoa Station!

Hot Cocoa Station!

From young and old everyone took part and made there own special hot chocolate, and even went back for seconds…and thirds. It’s the perfect thing to add to your Christmas party, or an amazing thing to bring to a party.

To make your own the main ingredient of course is the Hot Chocolate, you can spring for an actual canister, or you could go to a bulk store and buy plenty of mix (honestly it saves money, and on top of it, it does taste pretty good anyways!) there are plenty of mixings you can add some of the few we had at the party were:

  • Crushed up chocolate
  • Crushed up white chocolate
  • Crushed up candy canes
  • Marshmallows (of course!)
  • Soft Caramels
  • Caramel sauce

There are plenty of other things you could add, if you do go to the bulk store to get the hot chocolate go through the aisle’s and take a look at other things you can add!

What is your special/favorite Christmas drink? Would you make a hot chocolate station (if you do I’d love to hear how it went!) 



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