Christmas Wishlist

I remember as a child writing my “Dear Santa” wishlist for Christmas. I would sit down at my families kitchen table with the Sears Christmas catalog as my mother cooked dinner and go page by page and list my dream presents. Of course my first draft was large, but I would spend a week on my list and narrow it down (Yes I was the child that actually had about three written drafts of a Christmas wishlist before I made my final decisions and my final list that I would send to Santa Claus) Where Santa is no longer the person that needs my wishlist, I’m going to write a couple of things I dream of getting, even though since having a child makes our pockets tight I’m accepting I might not get what I want on this list, but I’d like to have a list to look back on next year to see if my likes and dislikes have changed in a year. cfd33102a18c6ed85cbd3c0e6c25f04fI really want to be able to have a constant reminder of Lily during the day, even if she’s not with me. I want to show people that I’m a proud mother and that my child is my miracle, I want to have something about her close to me. I’m hoping to have a tattoo of her name or a Lily flower to remind me of her, but i’m not going to be able to get one soon so I’d like to have something else signifying her in a sense on me, and what better way then with a ring? I’d love one with her name on it, her birth date possibly, or even her birthstone. I found the above photo on Etsy but there are plenty others that I love. I’m trying to find one big enough (size 7 or so) but a ring would be perfect so whenever I write I can remember her, and since I have my grandmothers necklace I don’t wish to have two necklace’s or they will just tangle.

My mother has collected Willow Tree figurines since I was a young child, She even has a Willow Tree Nativity! This past Mothers day my mother did things differently and decided to also give presents to my sister and I and that’s when I was gifted my first Willow Tree, since then I’ve been gifted another Willow Tree and I would love to start a collection like my mothers. She works at Hallmark so I’m able to look at all the beautiful figures they have whenever I pick her up from work. This one caught my eye and I would love to have a figurine that reminded me of both Lily and Michael.

Eat St. is my absolute favorite Food Network show. I love that they share so many different recipes, and from so many different types of foods, BBQ, Asian flare, Organic, Vegetarian, Pizza’s and even just simple burgers done with new twists! When I found out the show was coming out with a book I couldn’t wait, I believe this recipe book would go so far, so many different types of food and so many different ideas!

I love tea, Obviously. I actually have only had summer and autumn seasonal tea’s from DavidsTea, and I would love to have a winter seasonal tea, this tea I think was pretty much made for me, I adore white chocolate and then on top of the tea having my much loved white chocolate it has peppermint in it! I think I would end up drinking this tea throughout the year so a big bag might be needed, but any new tea would be amazing!

I love candles, I love the warm light perfect for a relaxing bath, I love the magical smells they make. Where I might not be able to light candles as much soon because of fear of Lily hurting herself possibly, I would love some special candles with amazing smells. There is one other candle a mint chocolate candle that looks amazing, and they both say they are limited edition so I should try and get them soon!

What To Expect When You're Expecting DVD

What To Expect When You’re Expecting DVD

I watched this movie earlier this year just a little bit after I found out I was pregnant, I honestly loved this movie, it has hilarious parts, some tear jerking parts, and I’m amazed how amazing the movie is even though there are multiple different stories going on at once.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?


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