Let’s Get Yoga With It!

I had never actually heard of yoga until I was fourteen and was in hospital treatment for my depression, twice a week all the patients would go to the hospital sanctuary and have a yoga class. It was a blessing.


I was terrified the first few times, I actually faked a hurt ankle and feeling sick a few times to get out of it (Of course the nurse’s understood it was anxiety taking over and pushed me to keep trying no matter what) I was never very good at anything to do with a “workout” or exercise other then dance so I didn’t have any belief in myself when I started. Once the third week rolled around I had a completely different mind set towards yoga. I was able to bring out the natural flexibility I’d had since a baby and I grew to be the yoga student that if the teacher was working with someone else they would ask me for help. I started having an identity in my treatment program as the “yoga girl” other patients during lunches would ask me to show them how to do a pose, or to show off something. Yoga gave me so much confidence and I can honestly say it was a large part of my recovery, teaching me how to calm myself and push myself even if I’m anxious because sometimes the anxiety I had/have wasn’t for any concrete reason, it also gave me confidence in myself, something I hadn’t felt in years.tumblr_m237bc7tgf1rn559ko1_500

Over the years I have fallen out of practicing yoga, I can still remember most of the poses, the breathing techniques and such but I’ve slacked on actually getting to the mat. I’d love to be able to take a yoga class again, but I’m not planning on that for awhile, I already tried to force myself through my anxiety and get to the gym last year, which failed miserably because I wasn’t ready for that exposure of exercising in public and ended up paying for a membership that I never really used. I’m not giving up though, I plan on getting out my beautiful yoga mat and practicing at home for a few months and then re checking myself to see if I am ready to do a public yoga class. I’m also going to make sure I’m not signing up for a gym membership, just a couple of classes at a studio specifically made for yoga classes (I feel like it will be more about spirituality and relaxation then exercise in a yoga studio)

Have you ever practiced yoga? Whats your favorite part? The workout, the spirituality? the overall calm?


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