Little Moments #2

This past weekend, with my parents having Lily honestly felt so long, I spent every waking moment wanting her to come home, but knowing she needed and obviously wanted time with Grandma and Grandpa. I needed to do so much housework which felt so overwhelming since I hadn’t been able to clean up the past week. I also spent the whole weekend worrying about the Dr’s appointment I had today, I hadn’t seen my psychiatrist since April so there was a lot to talk about which also made me feel overwhelmed.

Of course whenever I have a bad weekend or bad couple of days I try to take time out and remember the good things and the small positive that have happened the last few days/week. I haven’t been posting my little moments recently, so I felt it was due time to post some of my little moments.


Lily laughing with Kier!

While missing Lily this weekend I decided to check my camera like I do every time she’s away just so that I can look at her beautiful face in the photos (and the few videos I have of her smiling and “talking” makes it even more joyful) But when I was going through the photo’s I found a few Michael took while I was sleeping this past week, some of he cutest photos! One was of Lily sticking out her tongue which I don’t know how he got to the camera in time but ¬†automatically seeing the photo I burst out laughing until I cried tears of joy because it was just to cute. Another photo though melted my heart, a photo of Lily with Kier, I haven’t been able to get Kier to sit still next to Lily since he’s still weirded out with her “talking” and she’s been grabbing things that come close to her hands recently so pulling his fur is a common issue. But Michael has the magic and was able to finally get a photo.


Still seeing birds as it is practically a blizzard out excited me, but also worried me on Saturday. The birds were hiding in the balcony’s of alot of the apartments trying to keep out of the snow, and out of the gusts of wind. Michael and I decided to feed the bird with some bread worried they hadn’t eaten in awhile since it had been snowing since the night before. I was able to take this shot of the beautiful bird just in time because it flew away after eating a little bit later. I havn’t seen any birds since Saturday so I’m hoping there on there way to a warmer area.

What do you think? Should I go for a short haircut?

What do you think? Should I go for a short haircut?

After going through some of the photo’s I still have from high school (I deleted a lot of photo’s due to them being a trigger so I have about a year of my teenage years with no photos) I actually kept paying attention to the fact that I use to have shorter hair (versus my hair know that reaches around my belly button) and I actually liked the way I looked with shorter hair. I feel like I look more pretty and I seem to remember feeling more confident with shorter hair (maybe because with shorter hair I am unable to hide behind my hair which I honestly sometimes due with this longer hair) so I decided to do some pinning back of my hair to see what I would look like with short hair know, and if I would like to get my hair cut, I took a photo and Michael says I looked really great with short hair (He’s only seen me with medium to long hair) and we decided to put aside some money in the new year so that I’m able to get my hair cut and styled in the New Year.


Of course I can’t forget the simple pleasure of just watching the snow softly drift to the ground, The simple pleasure of looking out in the morning to plenty of snow filling the yards and all over the beautiful tree’s. As much as I love everything about autumn, the smells, the colorful leaves, all the pumpkin flavored foods and scents, I also love to watch snow falling, I think its one of the most beautiful things in nature.

Last but not least, today I was finally able to hang up some photos I have of Lily and us as a family all together, the apartment definitely feels so much more “homey” know that we have photo’s up. I do need more picture frames though so I’m hoping to get some for Christmas or in the new year through boxing day sales. I’m dreaming of a full wall of photos!

So looking over all the positives this past weekend I feel a little bit better, less overwhelmed and I feel more secure in my home, and more secure with who I am. I hope you are able to find the Little Moments in your days and weeks.



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