Relaxation Night

On Friday my mother came over and picked up Lily for the weekend, she’s coming home on Monday as much as its obvious I love my daughter the break is welcomed. I’ve been having issues with my back and neck and have pulled a few muscles simply due to bending over and picking up a baby almost hourly, also I have been stressing a lot lately, making sure I can give Lily an amazing first Christmas, me worrying about money (no matter if I do have enough money I still stress about spending money, money is one of my biggest issues in terms of stress) On top of those stresses I have a psychiatrist appointment on Monday which I have yet to have a psychiatrist appointment since May or so, so I’m stressed out about that, and the fact that even though I have the chance to sleep at night my insomnia kicks in at night when I can sleep and when I’m not able to sleep (ex. when I’m taking care of Lily) I am exhausted.

Yesterday I spent the morning watching documentaries with Michael and sitting and talking with him which we haven’t been able to sit down and talk for awhile so it was nice, we talked about religion and our stresses and we talked about Christmas. Michael and I also went for a quick walk around yesterday afternoon while it was snowing out, it was beautiful and sweet. I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning up our apartment, and our kitchen doing a lot of dishes (I’m not going to lie, I’ve been slacking this past week with cleaning) and running after Kier because he’s been sick multiple times today sadly.

Last night though was my relaxation time. After calling my parents house to check in on Lily and just to hear her in the background I made myself a bath and put in some lavender bubble bath and I just lay in the water. I haven’t had a bath in months so it was nice to give myself that treat. I loved the relaxing affects of the smell of lavender one of the most calming things for myself honestly so the scent helped ease my tension and stress.

When I got out of the bath I put on great smelling body lotion then sat down and painted my nails, something I don’t normally do, but I decided to see if it would be a nice treat to myself, and I actually feel kind of pretty having my nails painted a deep red/purple color.

The best way though that I relaxed last night was my all time favorite thing to do, a great cup of tea. Tea is one thing I have treated myself with for the past two years. It’s one of the only things I accept spending money on for myself. I love all the different flavors and I love trying new flavors. Last night I drank a tea I have left over from last years autumn collection from DavidsTea, Pumpkin Chai. I will make sure to write up my review soon. IMG_2882

How do you relax? What are your favorite things to do when you have free time?


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