Lily’s First Shots

Your babies first shots can be a hard time on a parent. Watching your little one cry out as they have one shot, and knowing that another shot is coming again in mere seconds makes it hard to take.

Lily did cry, she let out a few loud shrills of pain but was able to quite down quicker then I thought she would and actually slept the whole drive home. But getting to that point might have been painful for her, but it was also painful for me to see.

My anxiety began last night as I tried to go to sleep, I was afraid somehow Lily would get an infection from the needle wound, I was afraid she would get a fever, I was afraid she would be crying all day and I was afraid I would somehow end up being overwhelmed and not able to handle her crying. In short, I was anxious, and wasn’t able to have a good night sleep because of worrying.

I did though tell myself I need to be strong, my daughter needs me to comfort her, and on top of that I need to understand that no matter what Lily needed these shots, if not she would be in more pain and distress later on possibly if she didn’t get the medicine she needed know. I needed to stay strong, yes I saw that my daughter bled a little today and it scared me because I really do not like seeing her blood because I know that means she’s in pain, and I did not  like hearing that high pitched wail and it pulled on my heartstrings, but I knew that she needed this medicine, and in all honesty Lily is doing ok, she’s currently sleeping and hasn’t fussed since the doctors office.


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