Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy birthday to the man I love so dearly!

I am so excited to spend the day making this birthday for Michael so amazing, I sadly was unable to spend his last birthday with him and I will be making sure this birthday is the most amazing he’s had in years.

I’m making him his favorite recipe of mine, my personal recipe for my secret honey mustard chicken pita’s that he asks me to make almost weekly, He hasn’t had them in awhile so i’m glad to give him his favorite.

For dessert Michael is true to his heart and goes against the norm of having a birthday cake, he’s choosing something that proves he’s perfect for me and my love of pumpkin pie, yes after asking Michael what type of cake he wishes to have for his birthday he turned to me and told me “nope I want a pumpkin pie” so be it I will gladly have a pumpkin pie, candles would fit perfectly in that pie!

I’m making him a birthday banner when he sleeps today a “Happy Birthday Daddy” banner to help bring Lily into the birthday, of course she wishes her father an amazing birthday and she wants to let Daddy know it.

I’m so excited to give Michael his presents, I feel great about the presents I bought for him, and especially the card I found for him, is it not amazing when you find a card that says everything you wish to say, and then once you sit down to sign that card you are able to think of even more amazing things to add to the beautiful words already printed in the card?

So, happy birthday my soulmate, I love you so and wish you a great and amazing birthday, and another great year of life filled with more joy, more smiles, more positivity, and more laughter.


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