Baby Puke and Other Initiations Into Motherhood

Holding my daughter just after a clean diaper change, she had just finished feeding and was now quite and slowly shutting her eyes, as I sit down to hold her and rock her to sleep she stares up at me, a perfect moment…that is until shes close to my face and ends up vomiting all over my hair, my shirt, my sweater and all over her own clothes, I move slightly freaking out since I’m still not use to her getting sick and that’s when it happens, projectile vomit, an arch of baby puke landing all over the pants I just changed into an hour before..all I could think or say was “Oh My God, Oh My God!” Quickly I calmed down, bathed her, finally changed my clothes that know were freezing cold puke all over (and I mean completely soaked) and got her to sleep.

My baby projectile vomiting all over me is just another “Initiation” into motherhood. I’ve already completed a few more, and/or “achievements” of motherhood.

  • Being pooped on while changing a diaper
  • Being pooped on while just simply sitting down rocking Lily (somehow the poop seeped out of her diaper and all over my pants)
  • Peed on while changing a diaper
  • Breastfeeding while gritting my teeth in pain due to cracked nipples
  • Being kicked while trying to fall asleep next to my baby
  • Being able to eat a chicken wing one handed while holding Lily
  • Cooking dinner while a fussy baby is crying and not burning dinner.
  • Doing laundry downstairs in our apartments laundry room with Lily in her baby carrier
  • Able to finally take that photo of her smiling which I had been trying to get unsuccessfully for a month.

and many more, but there are so many things I still get to look forward to…

  • Going grocery shopping with Lily in the carrier
  • My first mothers day
  • My daughters first Christmas
  • Cleaning up a messy daughter after she starts to eat baby food
  • Cleaning up millions of toys
  • Running after Lily as she crawls into a place she shouldn’t be
  • Running after her when she goes to eat something she shouldn’t be trying to eat.

Some of the things might sound exhausting or un-important, but to a new mother, or any mother these things are the biggest achievements and even though being vomited on isn’t the funnest of things it also makes me happy, because it proves that I can be a good mother since I instinctively knew what to do so quickly and only had a quick freak out.

Have you been initiated into motherhood? what were your experiences? 


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