The Perfect Way To Wake Up

I have been lucky enough to have Michael, and him decide and take over the night shift for taking care of Lily. I go to bed around 10pm or so and I get to sleep and have a break until 7 am when I need to get up and take over my shift (unless Michael gives me a good day and takes over for an extra hour) I’ve never been a good sleeper, I constantly either have an issue with either getting to sleep or staying asleep which has gotten worse since I wake up whenever Lily cries no matter if it’s my time to take care of her or not, and at first it would take me close to 30 minutes just to return to sleep, the first few weeks returning home after spending some time at my parents house we realized I was getting less then four hours of sleep a night and I have issues with napping during the day (once I’m up and out of bed, I’m up for the day) and finally Michael noticed how much of a stress and issue I was having and took over night shift, which I’m so proud of and appreciate him understanding and helping me.

I was grumpy for another week simply trying to get back into yet another quick change of routine, until about a couple weeks ago and I realized I have the best way to wake up, I spend a night sleeping, refreshing after a good meal and some of my favorite shows, and then I get to wake up to a beautiful daughter who normally has a slow start also but is grumpy about it being morning and another day. After a couple of tickles to her nose Lily has huge smiles, and I then get to hold her, while I make Lily happy Michael makes me my morning small cup of flavored coffee, and I lie down to breastfeed Lily which I have found is the easiest way to feed her in the morning since she will feed for half an hour and fall asleep, then I can move over, lie on my back with her on my chest and I get to have morning cuddles, with a calm, full baby while I drink my (now cold) coffee (Which is ok with me if it is flavored, and if it was hot I wouldn’t want to drink it while holding Lily just in case I spill)

Having issues with sleeping over half my life I have never had a good morning, unless I have something special to look forward to that day, I don’t want to get out of bed, which has always gotten worse as the days get colder due to winter since you just don’t want to take those blankets off to get up into the cold air…But when you have a boyfriend that will make your coffee, and a baby smiling up at you each morning it makes the day so much easier, and starts the day on such a positive note.


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