Lily’s Birth Story

On September 14th I began to have contractions, finally around seven pm the pains were to much to bear, and were close enough together that I needed to get to the hospital, as luck had it though once I was wheeled onto the delivery ward and hooked up to a fetal monitor my contractions slowed down, and I had only grown to 3 and a half cm dilated. The options were either walk around the empty hospital for two hours and return to the ward, or go home and rest as much as I could, Michael and I decided to return home so that I could rest in my bed and have food before I had to stop eating once we returned to the hospital…But I didn’t get much rest, the pain of contractions started to get worse but were still awhile apart, that is until 4:30am and I was in tears from the pain, I couldn’t lie on my back, stand up, sit down or do anything without extreme pain, my contractions were coming around 4 minutes or 2 minutes apart and we returned to the hospital.

Once we returned to the hospital I was monitored until 6-6:30am on the 15th and we were finally brought into the labor and delivery room, the room was beyond huge, big windows, and perfect timing that everyone was able to see the sunrise…that is except me since I was having my blood taken and told to lie the other way.

Plenty of the nurses kept coming into our room because we were one of the only people in months that didn’t know the gender of there baby, they were excited for the surprise just as we were.

I did end up having an epidural, my pain was to much, for far to long and on top of it I was having “labor shakes” which would cause my body to tense up while I was having contractions causing my body even more pain and finally I gave in and allowed them to give me an epidural, I did try to not use the epidural push button, I wanted to still have some sensation but finally closer to the birth I was unable to take the pain and began to actually push the button to have the medicine in my body.

My water did not break fully, I had small bits of water come out and finally around 1pm on the 15th the resident decided to fully break my water, which is when we realized I was having so much pain in my back due to the way Lily was facing and I was having “back labor” so after the resident broke my water she turned Lily around so that she was facing the right way.

I was so happy with the support I had in my delivery room, my mother and father were in the room ontop of me and Michael, sharing that experience with my parents was amazing,there first grandchild and they were there through the whole thing, yes my father even stayed in the room while I was pushing and my mother actually held one of my legs as I was pushing. Michaels duty was to hold a container since I was still getting nausous, he also was cooling me down with a cold wet cloth and was giving me encouraging words.

Around 2:30-3pm I began pushing, it was painful for me to push due to Lily’s feet being pushed up against my ribs which caused me to have issues taking a deep enough breath to push for the 10 seconds, the pushing went quick the resident was called and returned to the room at 3:20 in 20 more minutes of pushing we were able to see Lily’s hair! and finally my last push at 3:47 Lily was born! A baby girl! I was so proud and Michael cut the cord.

Lily was born quicker then expected and the doctor didn’t even have time to get into the room before she was born, the doctor actually showed up when they were putting the last stitches in.

7 Ppunds, 10 Ounces, 20 inches.

7 Pounds, 10 Ounces, 20 inches.

Holding my daughter and seeing how happy and overcome with emotion my parents and Michael were to hold her was the most beautiful thing, the most perfect moments. Lily took the breast quickly and sharing that bond with her, able to hold her and feed her and cuddle was beautiful.

I still go over the moments over and over again as I fall asleep, remembering the best moment of my life, the day, the minute Lily was born.


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