Love For Bulk Barn!

Grocery stores are not the only places I love to spend hours in just looking through new food products from fresh produce, healthy packaged food, to international cuisine, checking health facts, and brainstorming meal ideas, I also spend hours in Bulk Barn!bulk-barn

If you are not sure what Bulk Barn is, it is a bulk food retailer (Canada’s largest) where they have:

“A wide range of premium quality bulk food products and complementary packaged items.At Bulk Barn we carry over 4,000 products — everything from soup to nuts, candy, snacks, baking and candy-making ingredients and supplies, cereals, grains, spices from the everyday to the exotic, dried fruits, nutritional vitamins and supplements, health and natural food products, pet food, plus everything you need to throw a great party.”

I was never had a big love for Bulk Barn until recently to be honest. I would go in as a child and I was allowed to get candy, but I wasn’t one to really ask my parents if we could visit the store, or one that got overly excited if I was told we would be going, (Remember I did/do have social anxiety and didn’t like being in public so that might have been part of the issue also)

Last year though when I changed my eating habits into more healthy foods, and a vegetarian lifestyle I decided to try Bulk Barn again, I knew from the past that they had some health foods, and I was aware they had the ingredients for one of my favorite snacks, homemade trail mix.

Some Bulk Barn Goodies!

Some Bulk Barn Goodies!

When I entered the store, I was greeted with so many new products that I had never heard of, or products I had been unable to find in the health aisles of the grocery stores I had been to. I was able to find almonds, my favorite nut to snack on (which I always return and buy a large bag of) I was able to find almond butter, which I did not wish to buy a large jar of which is all I was able to find at grocery stores. Other goodies I was able to find was coconut milk, and almond milk, gluten free products galore, dried fruits which I love to munch on instead of sweet candies and much more!

I love that the store has one of the biggest selections of bagged teas I have ever seen, and also has some pretty good loose leaf teas also! for a tea addict like myself this is a great store to buy from when I do not have enough cash to spend on Davidstea or Teaopia but wish to try a new tea.

I also love Bulk Barn because it has such a WIDE selection of energy and health bars. I had been looking for Clif bars and Luna bars for a month when I found them at Bulk Barn for the first time, and I still return to Bulk Barn to purchase these bars because they have the biggest selection I have found in my city.

Even though it might not seem like a store a foodie would normally think to return to plenty to purchase items I think people should make it a monthly trip to a bulk food store. You can find so many spices, cereals, snacks, health food and new ingredients and the fact that you can buy as much or as little as you wish, and it normally costing less then prepackaged items adds such a great positive that I wouldn’t think of any other store not to return to monthly (other then a grocery store and tea store of course! 😉 )

Do you like Bulk food stores? What are your favorite items to buy at Bulk food stores?


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