Remembering The Little Moments

Even though I have been struggling this past week, dealing with stress, asking for help instead of doing everything myself, and my eating disorder I have been able to keep positive at moments because I am looking towards the little moments that are going on daily that remind me that the simple things in life add up to a good day, and a happy life.

Late at night on Wednesday Michael definitely made me remember to smile, as a joke he decided to have me shut my eyes and tilt my head back while I was in the kitchen,and even though I was skeptical, I trusted him and new it at least had something to do with food…and that’s when he squirted whipped cream all over my face and hair! Well I wasn’t going to just accept that and I started pulling the whip cream out of my hair and rubbing it onto his head. We ran around the apartment, dripping whip cream onto the carpet, all over the tiled floors, I mean everywhere! It was fun just acting like a kid again and doing it with my love made it even more fun!

Big Peach and Baby Photobomb!

Big Peach and Baby Photobomb!

If you know me you would understand how much I love peaches, I mean I don’t just like the taste of fresh peaches, I love juice, I add it to barbecue sauce for a marinade, I love peach tea, I love the scent, I even love the look of peaches! (I’ve been attempting to sketch a peach perfectly so that I’m ready to paint one soon) and this past week I was so excited because I found the BIGGEST peach I have ever seen.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait for breakfast the next day to eat it, and when I bit into it oh goodness it was so juicy and so sweet! Best fruit purchase of the summer!

Of Course I can’t overlook the cute and sweet things Kier (our cat) does, and how he always makes me smile some way during the day because of how random he is. This past week I was able to capture a photo of Michael and Kier talking (Michael talking and Kier meowing in return) but the photo does not do the moment justice. Kier was sitting on the top of the chair and while talking to Michael he kept moving around so that he could rub his head on Michael and it was sweet because he kept slipping (he was not hurt, he didn’t fall no worries) it was the perfect thing to watch just before I got ready for bed.

Michael And Kier

Michael And Kier

This past week Michael woke me up unexpectedly, I hadn’t set my alarm due to not having anything planned for the day, so him waking me up earlier then I planned was surprising.  What was more surprising was that Michael pulled me out of bed and brought me into the living room…where a love song was playing full blast and he grabbed my hand and we slow danced. It was so unexpected, and the best wake up call I have ever had.

So all in all I must remember that even though I have been struggling there are things in my everyday life that happen to remind me that my life is filled with simple pleasures, filled with love and if I just take a deep breath I will remember my life is a great life.


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