Is It Bathtime Yet?

Baths and myself have never been in a relationship. Part of the reason might be because somehow no matter what my parents did to try and fix our tap it somehow would always randomly drip, which definitely doesn’t help with the calming time you think of when referring to a bath. On top of the fact that I am someone that is always on the go, and I’m the type of person that is in and out, I’m not one to pamper myself, I’ve never had my nails done, I’ve only gotten my makeup done twice professionally the day of my prom, and the day of my sisters wedding, I do not spend more then five minutes putting my own makeup on and that is only when I go out for an appointment or out to dinner either.

Since I moved in with Michael, and definitely since I’ve been pregnant Michael has made it his mission for me to take baths, he notice’s the calming effect they are suppose to have, and how they could help with the pain of having extra weight due to having a baby growing inside me. At first I refused, I hated the water at our last apartment, being as every couple of minutes a quick surge of scalding hot water would come through the taps, so I refused, I tried not to refuse when he would prepare a bubble bath and then come and get me from cleaning and jokingly would push me into the bathroom saying “you need to relax, get in there in calm down” but of course I still hated baths.


What A beautiful way of thinking about a bath.

That is until we moved into our new apartment I have finally given in, up until a couple weeks ago we did not have any air conditioning, with only two fans at our disposal, and it being quite hot earlier July I needed some way to cool down, and that’s when Michael would force me to take a cold bath, and I would not refuse. It was like a tiny personal pool, and having Michael sit there on the other side of the shower curtain and just simply talk to me I was able to finally calm down, relax, and ease the heat.

But the last week has been a little cooler (it is now creeping back up into the hot numbers) and guess what? I’ve still had baths! Even baths were i’m not occupied with talking to Michael! I’ve allowed myself to just lay in the bathtub, hot, cold, warm, bubbles, no bubbles, Epsom salts, candles lit or not I have made myself a bath and happily stepped in.

Part of the reason why I have been so accepting of a bath know is because I am able to feel weightless, which is a God sent gift while being pregnant, I am able to lay on my side in the bath and not have all the weight of a baby pulling on my skin and hurting my spine, I can even cross my legs sit a little farther down in the bath and dunk my upper body in the bath where I have my head and most of my mid section just floating in the water, and it feels so great! the pain in my back is eased for a bit which helps ease my tension in my body.

I also love having a bath because whenever I am in the bath little blessing loves to move around and get comfy just as mom is getting comfy. It’s one on one time and I talk to baby while pouring nice warm (or cold water on those hot days) over my bump. I love being connected, and having no noise from the television, no keyboard noises from Michael working on the computer, or simply that hum of the fridge, I have total silence most of the time and I can just have a nice calm conversation with little one.

Do you like to take baths? Has your love or hate relationship with baths change since getting pregnant?



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