Pre-admit and Maternity Ward Tour

Today Michael and I finally were able to take a tour of the maternity ward in the hospital I will be birthing in. We were also able to have a pre-admittance appointment so that we did not need to fill out plenty of paperwork when I am going into labor.

Some of the questions were easy, my past medical history, if there was any religious ceremonies that would be taking place, if we planned on breastfeeding (which I am) but I did honestly have some hard issues while answering the questions. I had to bring up some of my past mental health issues due to it might causing issues during birth (past domestic abuse as a teenager) and I had to bring up my issue with eating, and my diagnosis of an eating disorder. Luckily Michael was there because I did almost break down and cry, but Michael held my hand, rubbed my back and let me know I am now safe, and I can do this. Luckily due to speaking about my mental health issues, I am able to speak to a dietitian during the rest of my pregnancy and for after birth so that I am making sure i’m getting enough nutrients so that I am able to breastfeed.

We went through some basic things, like the epidural (which I’m still not positive if I will be having one, I am terrified of the needle going in while I’m having a contraction, and I am not sure I would like being confined to the bed once I have the epidural) we also spoke about what Michael can do during the labor, spoke about how he wishes to cut the cord, how he worries about seeing me in pain (which I think is actually very sweet and shows how much he loves me.)

After all the tough questions, we finally were able to take the tour of the maternity ward, which I was most looking forward to due to me knowing that if we didn’t have the tour we would be way to nervous and overwhelmed the day of the labor. We took the elevator to the fourth floor, where the whole labor and delivery, the NICU ward, and the ward where I will be admitted to recover from birth is. We were shown were to go if I am feeling like I am in labor, the area were the nurses will see if I am actually in labor or just having a “practice” birth.

We then were brought into an unused labor room (which I sadly forgot to get pictures of, i’m sorry!) All the rooms actually have large wall to wall windows, that has a beautiful view of trees, and a skyline of buildings also. It actually is very calming to look at so I’m happy I have that to look at while I’m going through contractions. It was actually a bigger room then I thought it would be, with two comfy chairs and a three seat couch which I’m happy about so that if I go into labor later people (ie. Michael, my parents) are able to rest and sit down in comfy seats while were waiting. Then we saw the washroom, of course it’s large, but EVERY room actually has a large bath with jets in it, which I will definitely be bringing my bathing suit so that I am able to have a bath to help calm me during contractions and such. I am very impressed with the labor rooms, and am very happy they are bright, cheerful, and bigger then needed.

We were unable to see the recovery rooms where myself and the baby will be in after the birth (and yes I made sure that we WILL be having our baby in the room with us after the birth, and our child will be with us at all times) There are 42 beds for mothers, and beds for babies, and I guess there has been a lot of deliveries going on the past couple of days, and there was no rooms open that we could tour. But I’m sure they are big enough, comfy enough and perfectly good enough. We were also shown where the NICU is, which was needed to see just due to the issues Michael had when he was born so I wanted to make sure we knew that area just in case.

I was very happy knowing how up to date and cheerful the maternity ward is, it was redone and moved to our hospital (instead of disjointed and in it’s own building) within the past two years actually. I am more nervous partially because I know now everything is real, and within 4-8 weeks we will be having our child. But I am also calmed knowing where we will be going, everything is set paperwork wise, and knowing the maternity ward knows me now, and I am not a stranger to them anymore.


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