Watching Little Blessing Move

It’s one of those things that can make me stop, no matter what I’m doing, may it be cooking, cleaning, walking around the grocery store, or just lounging on the balcony with Michael, I automatically stop and just watch little blessing moving around in there.

Blessing curling up on my right side!

Blessing curling up on my right side!

It’s such a big plus of pregnancy, being able to see your child in a sense while you are pregnant. You are able to see they are comfortable in there (or not and making themselves comfortable) you are able to feel and see if they like or dislike something, like when we had the fire in our apartment building and all the fire trucks were loud I was able to see little blessing moving around like a ninja for quite some time (I think the fire trucks woke him/her up and it definitely didn’t like that!) Or when the Canada day fireworks were happening, and there again were little blessings ninja kicks.

One of my favorite things is to talk to little blessing when he or she is moving around alot. I worry that little one is just worried or something and that’s why it’s moving so I like to try and calm her/him down with talking in a soft tone, telling little blessing about the new apartment, about how we will be decorating the nursery, how I can’t wait when they arrive and I can lay on the ground with him/her and play with it for tummy time, or I can’t wait to see daddy play with little one. I also love talking when I know the babies moving a lot and then I know blessing is awake.

While watching baby move, I also love when the baby stays and makes my stomach lopsided or in a weird shape, I think it’s sweet that he/she doesn’t matter it want’s to be comfy no matter what! I also love it because it’s easier to see the outline of the baby. You can see this in the photo above, where the baby is on the right side of my stomach.

Do you like watching baby move? Did it freak you out at first/still freaks you out?  


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