My First Mixed Ice Tea!

When I was planning my aunts bridal shower with my mother we knew we wanted to try to make an ice tea, so of course we went to my favorite tea store in London, Ontario, Davids Tea! I was so happy that we were given plenty of ideas from the sales associate we worked with. We decided against one of the summer lines pre-made ice tea packs, and opted to make a regular tea into an ice tea, which we later decided to mix a few teas together to make the perfect combination.

Tea is one of the things I actually adore, I have books that I personally study from so that I am able to learn more about the process of making tea, and the history of tea, so mixing a tea was the perfect task for me, and one I was excited about for days.

Ice tea in mason jars!

Ice tea in mason jars!

We decided on the Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait tea that I reviewed just a couple of days ago, we used this as the main flavor base, we didn’t want to mix two flavored teas together due to not fully knowing all the likes and dislikes of the large gathering of bridal shower attendees so we picked this tea in particular because it is quite the summer flavors for a tea.

As I looked through my mothers tea cupboard (which is definitely a HUGE size difference to mine, as she only has about 12 teas versus my know 39-40 different types and flavors of teas) I was unsure of what to add in, my mother has mostly soothing teas, lemon teas, teas to help you sleep (as she also has insomnia issues) but luckily I found her “morning teas” those teas that one drinks in the more for a little bit of caffeine rather then a cup of coffee, or just the English breakfast tea. I opted to do one teabag of English breakfast tea, and one teabag of a straight black tea with no extra flavoring.

My mother and I were so happy with the taste that we made sure to make extra to have after the shower. Most of the attendees drank my ice tea mixture, which I was so proud that they loved.

We served the ice tea in mason jars which gave it the perfect summer flare an ice tea needs!


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