Gender Predictions

tumblr_mk81zo4YMW1s4swt2o1_500When Michael and I found out I was pregnant we sat down and discussed if we would want to find out the gender of our little blessing before birth. Based on it being both of our first child, and to help us not have to much stress with planning and getting the nursery ready, and to just help ease some first parent jitters we decided upon learning gender before birth, at least for first baby…but our plan didn’t really go that smoothly!

When we had our gender and anatomy ultrasound almost a month and a half ago little one decided to keep it’s legs crossed! and around two weeks ago we had another ultrasound (they were worried my amniotic fluid was low, which thankfully it wasn’t this last ultrasound) and little one kept it’s legs crossed yet again. Funny enough when Michael asked the technician if our Doctor would be able to tell gender from this ultrasound, and the technician explained they might not be able to tell gender 100% before the baby is born because of position of little one, exactly at that moment little one opened it’s mouth as if it was laughing at us from inside the womb!

Based on these factors we have had to partly predict babies gender based on other ways. Where we are not putting full stock in these other ways, and we do know we still will not know 100% what little one’s gender is before birth, we have tried to predict what we are having, just as a fun thing to do, and just because Michael really hates not knowing (not so good with surprise’s I guess haha)

At first once we found out I was pregnant everyone honestly thought that we will be having a little girl, and not without good reason! My mother’s side of the family is filled with daughters, my grandmother gave birth to four daughters (my mother included) and three of those daughters gave birth to two daughters each. Michaels side of the family has quite the number of females also.

Chinese Gender Calendar Results

Chinese Gender Calendar Results

Once I started actually showing a baby bump though, predictions began to change. The first couple of weeks after being in the double digits of how many weeks pregnant I was I decided to take the Chinese Gender Predictor Calendar, which base’s the gender prediction on date of conception, and the age of the mother. Our gender prediction was for a boy! Another little boy prediction came with our last OBGYN appointment, where Michael finally was able to hear little one’s heartbeat for the first time! Of course Michael at the end of the appointment asked our Doctor what her prediction was for the gender and she said based on the heartbeat it would be a boy she predicts, but of course that is not an exact science, (Based on my fetal heartbeat when my mother was pregnant with me I was predicted to be male, but of course i’m not!) The last male prediction came from a coworker of my mothers that I have grown up knowing, Pat. While I was 29 weeks pregnant still I went and picked up my mother from work and I was asked to “Spin around slowly” so that my mothers co-worker Pat would be able to have her own prediction of what I was having, she came up to me after I spun and her words exactly were “Luckily I have plenty of baby boy clothes!” I guess she could tell because I have not gained any weight in my “booty” which shows that I’m having a boy. Michael and I just a couple of weeks ago were in a jewelry store (could some big question be coming soon? 😉 ) the sales associate helping us commented that since I was showing “all over” and not just a round baby bump it seemed like I would be having a boy!

Where Michael and I are proud to be parents no matter if we are having a male or female, it is still fun to try and predict your child’s gender when you know you won’t be able to find out before birth. Where it definitely would be an easier pregnancy if we knew the gender, were we would be able to set up the nursery in a specific way (our pick of names have a theme to go with them, so we were planning on using those name themes to decorate the nursery) and it would be nice to be able to purchase gender specific clothing rather then just gender neutral clothing. Michael and I though are just wishing to have a healthy, and happy little blessing.

Do you have any predictions on the gender of our little one, or any other fun ways to predict babies gender?


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