My Aunts Bridal Shower

Boy has this year been, and will be filled with a lot of showers, from my cousins baby shower, my future baby shower, and finally yesterdays beautiful bridal shower for my aunt, my mothers sister.



I stayed over at my parents house Friday night so I was able to help my mother make finger sandwiches, cut fruit, and watermelon for the watermelon limeade. We also made my first mixed tea, which we then chilled to make homemade ice tea that tasted amazing, and I will be posting about soon. We then woke up bright and early to finish all the food, and then transport to our church were we were holding the shower. We decorated with red accents and got everything set.

I was so happy to see my aunt have her time to shine, and I loved seeing her so happy. She was given gifts that were meant for her, great spices, cookbooks, gifts that refereed to family jokes which made all of us laugh.

Homemade ice tea!

Homemade ice tea!

We had plenty to eat with sweet squares, plenty of savory and sweet dips, vegetables, wonderful baked breads, finger sandwiches, cupcakes made by my cousin, and of course the punch and ice tea, which happily everyone raved about the tea!

I’m so happy to share these moments with my family. I haven’t been to many of these occasions, mostly due to not many having happened yet in my family, but also because of my anxiety has caused me to miss out on some family occasions. I am so happy to be able to handle these occasions yet again after many years. I am happy to be able to see the joy in my families eyes when we all get together.

Congratulations Aunt Shirley, I can not wait for your wedding next month, and see you walk down that aisle as gorgeous as always, plus a little extra sparkle on your day of course ❤


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