Our First Fire

No worries, no one was hurt, and nothing was damaged but this past Thursday at around 11:30 our apartment buildings fire alarm blasted through our hallways and our apartment. Michael and I, including a frightened Kier (our cat if you are un aware) were shocked. This was the first fire alarm i’ve ever been through that wasn’t because of school. Luckily Michael and I were not yet ready for bed, and luckily I didn’t grab the shower before sleeping like I was just getting into when the alarm started.

Michael and I quickly grabbed our essentials and we went into our hallway were we were hit with a smell that smelt something like burning plastic…and there on the ceiling was a thin layer of smoke. We quickly ran down the six flights of stairs (with Michael’s help since it was hard on my legs after two walks that day, and swollen feet) and was hit with a stronger smell and a lot more smoke on the main floor of our apartment, Michael made sure to hold my hand and made sure I didn’t breath in to much smoke (luckily I held my breath through most of the smoke) Michael ended up helping some of the other tenants,and neighbors, those that were older and others that were trying to carry and also calm down there pets at the same time.

Michael and I found a spot far enough away from the smoke, but close enough still that we were not in the main parking lot. That’s when we heard the loud noises of fire trucks, three to be exact, and a police car which was later followed by another police cruiser, then the fire inspector.

Quickly fans were brought in, and the water started to pump, the fire inspector was writing things down, and the police were trying to push back a few people that just kept asking over and over what was going on.

Luckily around 12:15 we were allowed back into the apartment and found out a fire started and was contained in the garbage room. No one was hurt thankfully, and no major damage happened other then a little water damage.

I was in shocked mode the whole time. Like I said I have only been through fire drills back in elementary and high school, and I have never been through a real fire, other then small ones in the kitchen that didn’t even need a fire extinguisher. Michael was very helpful calming me down, and trying to help me calm down the ninja baby that was freaking out inside me due to all the loud noises, and due to my heartbeat rising quickly with shock and worry. I have to say it was an eventful evening, and I’m glad I have gone through a “first” of my first fire drill knowing that I won’t be as worried so quickly and in shock mode next time since I have been through it before, which is a good thing if it God forbid happens again once we have little blessing.




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