Baked Apple Pie Tea- Teaopia

Even though Teaopia no longer exists (sadly it was bought out by another tea company, Teavana) I will be reviewing this tea since it is still my favorite tea, and I am currently looking for a similar “apple pie” tea, so any tea addicts like myself out there if you happen to have knowledge of an apple pie tea please let me know, my search is getting hard!

I tasted this tea in store, just weeks before Teaopia was closed and transformed into Teavana at our closet mall. I’m very happy that I tasted this tea in the store. I had been on a black tea kick and was only planning on purchasing black tea if I had not had a sample I would have never known how great this tea smelled and tasted!

Baked Apple Pie Oolong Tea

Baked Apple Pie Oolong Tea

This Baked Apple Pie is an Oolong tea, were there are apple pieces, sultana raisins, cinnamon bits, almond slices and vanilla bits.

I have made this tea plenty (sadly almost at the end of my bag know) and I prefer to let it steep longer then the average tea. I like to wait until the apple pieces are fully hydrated once again due to their flavor then fully able to be infused into the tea.

The smell of this tea is beyond enticing. You are able to smell the apple pieces, and the smell of the tea mixed together truly makes for the best smell to great your nose each time you take a sip!

The liquor of this tea is a very beautiful tan brownish color, just like the top of the dough from a baked apple pie!

The taste of this tea is just like the smell, a mix of apple and tea, and a hint of the vanilla and a light taste of the cinnamon.

This tea opened me up to trying more types of tea. This was at the beginning of my loose leaf tea love and I had only fully tried green tea and black tea, and had yet to even hear of other types of teas. With this new openness to all types of tea that came with trying the sample of this tea I have know tried white tea, flowering teas, and herbal teas, and am hoping to try other teas soon!


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