First Baby, Our Cat Kier

Kier with his tongue out

Kier with his tongue out

When I started dating Michael, I didn’t just get Michael, I got a new “baby” ;his cat Kier. I was afraid at first, being as my father is badly allergic to cats and I never had one, or a friend that had a cat while growing up so I did not know what to expect.  Michael helped me get comfortable with Kier, he helped me when I was afraid to hold treats in my hand for Kier to eat, and he taught me how to properly cuddle Kier by myself.

Over the past year and a half of being with Michael Kier has grown to be a child like to myself. I love waking up and feeding Kier (even though it’s gotten harder to bend over since my baby bump has gotten larger) and I love giving Kier his treats when he does something sweet, or just when he’s mowing like crazy for them. I never knew the love one could have for a pet, and feeling the love in return until I started living with Michael and Kier this past year and a half. I love when Kier will climb up and sit next to me while i’m crocheting, reading, or just simply watching television. My favorite thing is when Kier keeps me company in the kitchen while I’m cooking dinner.

Kier and Michael burrito!

Kier and Michael burrito!

If you honestly know Michael you would understand the love he has for Kier. When I first met Michael, he mostly always spoke about Kier, but until I visited Michael at his apartment I didn’t understand the strong love he had for his first baby Kier. Michael has grown up with this cat, and has had Kier for most of Kier’s long life, (Kier is the ripe age of 14!) Michael talks to Kier daily, almost hourly and we  love to cuddle in our bed with Kier between us.

Having a cat definitely isn’t the same as having a human baby, but having a cat does help add confidence in taking care of a little one. Knowing that I can take care of the basic needs a cat has, and still add in the cuddles, the cat talks, the loving motherly way to Kier does ease tension that i’m going to be a good mother (don’t worry I have more experience of what babies need and how to take care of them then just taking care of a cat!)

Kier with his legs in the air!

Kier with his legs in the air!

Michael loves to call me Kier’s “adoptive mother” and I am proud to hold that title. I love having Michael talk to Kier and refer to me as “mommy” it almost melts my heart in all honesty. Knowing that Kier accepts me just as much as Michael has accepted me into his life, with cuddles, love and admiration and following me around the apartment is the little moments that make me feel at home in me and Michael’s two bedroom apartment.

I can not wait for Kier to have his little brother or sister home with us in a couple of months, I know Kier will warm up quickly to little one. I also can not wait to get cute photos of Kier and little blessing sitting side by side on the couch, or just Kier watching over little one while he/she is having tummy time! But of course, Kier is our first baby, our first child and will always hold a large part in Michael and I’s hearts for being that role in our life.


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