Tea Addict Much?

Tea Cupboard!

Tea Cupboard!

I never realized how much tea I actually had until I started packing to move into this new apartment, and unpacking my tea once we arrived. Total count for how many different types of tea I have? thirty-six! Yeah, that’s quite a big number for only starting to purchase loose leaf tea back in October of 2012. Of course I have more then just loose leaf tea, as you can see in the photograph on the right side is my section of tea bags, which is a smaller side since I’m unable to fully find bagged teas I actually like the taste of. Most of the time the only reason I have bagged tea is due to it being easier if I am traveling or visiting someone that does not drink loose leaf tea and do not have the instruments needed to make that sort of tea.

I have grown up drinking tea rather then any other hot beverage, I was the only little kid at my grandmothers house that wouldn’t line up for hot chocolate but would wait with the my mother and aunts for the kettle to be done. I grew up drinking mainly orange pekoe tea but this past year or more I have decided to grow my taste in tea and began with green tea, then moved onto black, followed by oolong, roobios and am know just starting to drink herbal teas, Yerba mate and of course my much loved Chai.

Drinking tea is one of the only things I am able to do to relax. I am the type of person that when Michael tells me I need to relax and de-stress, I either answer “I’m not sure how” Or I walk straight to my tea cupboard. In my opinion the whole routine of preparing tea all the way to that first sip is the best personal therapy I have. Pouring the water in the kettle, standing and waiting to hear the water boil (which I love the sound of boiling water) to putting the tea ball, or tea bag in the teacup and waiting for those minutes to go by as the tea steeps just slows down my stressful thoughts and puts me in a more peaceful mindset.

My newest teacup and mugs.

My newest teacup and mugs.

It’s not just the tea though that I am addicted to. Since a little girl I have been collecting Teacups and Tea mugs. I grew up having fake tea parties and one of my favorite make believe scenarios as a child was to be a tea house owner and I would go around make believe customers and fill there teacups. I use to only collect teacups (which sadly are still in storage at my parents home) but once I began drinking more tea this past year I realized a small teacup would not do any longer for my own tea drinking, and I would need something bigger. Where most people call them “coffee mugs” since I do not drink coffee much (Unless it’s flavored) and I do not let Michael use my mugs to drink his coffee I decide to refer to my mugs as “tea mugs.”

With thirty-six different types of tea, I think there will be plenty of tea reviews on this blog. Most of my tea has been purchased from DavidsTea, but as of moving into Michael and I’s new apartment the closest loose leaf tea store is Teavana (a tea store I have actually yet to purchase from as of today) which I will begin to purchase from and review tea soon. If there are any requests you have of tea you wish for me to review, let me know and I will gladly purchase and review that tea!

Are you a tea addict? How many teas do you have in your cupboards? Do you collect teacups/ tea mugs?


2 thoughts on “Tea Addict Much?

  1. Kelsie says:

    Now that your pregnant which teas are you still able to drink? I too love tea but have read so many mixed opinions on tea during pregnancy. Just wondering what your opinion is 🙂 Ty

    • Hello, thank you for visiting and commenting!
      I stopped drinking my much loved green tea due to all the negatives during pregnancy (messes up with folic acid and can cause neural tube defects) I also cut out herbal tea (other then mamatobetea from earthmamaangelbaby ) also I have cut down to one cup of tea for every two days due to caffeine. Hope i’ve helped!

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