30 Weeks Pregnant, and Those Much Hated Stretchmarks

30 weeks pregnant, look at those stretchmarks!

30 weeks pregnant, look at those stretchmarks!

Hello, thirty weeks pregnant! I can not believe there is only ten more weeks (planned) until Michael and I get to great little blessing into this world, and hold him or her in our arms! Everything is definitely getting real.

My pregnancy apps state that little blessing is the size of a cucumber this week, it also states that little one is around the size of 2.5 pounds to 3.8 pounds…gosh little one feels much bigger then that!

This past week was a great week for little blessing, I can tell you that little blessing did not like the Canada Day fireworks since he/she decided to kick and headbutt me the whole fifteen minutes Michael and I were watching the fireworks off of our new apartments balcony. This coming Monday Michael and I are excited to have another OBGYN appointment so that we can hear the heartbeat, the sweetest sound I could possibly hear.

What I’m hoping to write about today is stretchmarks. Going into this pregnancy I realized I was going to get stretchmarks, and most of them I am proud to have, those stretchmarks on my stomach that show how good little blessing is growing makes me happy. It also makes me proud of these specific stretchmarks because sadly there are women out there unable to have children and would kill to have these stretchmarks and have a little one growing in them. But there are some stretchmarks I was definitely not ready for, not prepared for and find them hard to accept. Those stretchmarks are the marks on my legs, my thighs… I have needed to gain more then the normal amount of weight during this pregnancy due to barely eating one meal a day before this pregnancy which means I obviously needed to eat more and gain more due to eating more so that this little one would be able to grow healthily.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula’s

So what have I used though for these stretchmarks? The ones that I am finding it hard to accept, and simply just to have one on one time with little one when I rub my lotions and such for my stretchmarks on my baby bump. I began with the lotion from Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula line…When I was just starting to have stretchmarks this lotion was working perfectly, it went on great, and I was even able to use on my very rough feet, and ask Michael to use when I was given foot rubs. Once I was in the middle of my second trimester the stretchmarks though began to get worse and bigger, so I decided to move onto the skin therapy oil by the same company, which I adore! It’s great for my stretchmarks and multiple scars I have on my body. It goes on easily, and both Michael and I love the scent.

What have you used for your stretchmarks? Do you accept or hate your stretchmarks?


2 thoughts on “30 Weeks Pregnant, and Those Much Hated Stretchmarks

  1. I thought I had made it through my pregnancy stretch mark free until I hit 35 weeks and then BAM- my stomach looks like a tiger now lol. I’ve been using Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter. I picked it because 1- it was cheap ($5 or $6?) and 2- has both shea butter and Vitamin E. From my research, shea butter and Vitamin E help encourage new collagen growth.

    I’ll admit I am a little bummed about the stretch marks, but as you said, I am completely proud of them, and know other women would have 10 times the amount that I do just to have a little one. I’ll wear them as a badge of accomplishment! I’d like the break the stigma that “stretch marks are ugly” and “not sexy at all”, so you’ll be guaranteed to see me and my little Princess Pants both sporting bikinis and doing it with more confidence than anyone else!

    Thank you for being so open about your experience!

  2. bailey says:

    I am having my third child and I have used cocoa butter massage cream for stretch Marks; I also put chi silk infusion ( its a straightening oil usually used for your hair ) and thankfully I have not gotten any stretch marks except a few on my hips. I think the chi silk infusion is the best for it and it stops the itch

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