Hoison Noodle Stir Fry With Tofu

Marinating the tofu!

Marinating the tofu!

Last year in September I began a lifestyle change of becoming a vegetarian, I loved my new sense of positivity with food that becoming a vegetarian brought me. I loved getting my protein from kidney beans and of course my much loved marinated tofu! I have sadly left behind some of the vegetarian lifestyle I had just a few months ago. I do like to get my protein from tofu, and the added bonus that it is beyond cheaper then meat products helps. After moving in with Michael who is a die hard meat eater (I can tell you Michael has sat down for dinner, and solely eaten pork roast by itself) it has become a slight issue for me to cook vegetarian still. Having to cook in this summer heat in the kitchen is hard enough, but adding the fact of having to cook a vegetarian and non vegetarian meal is sometimes to much for this very pregnant mom to be.

There is one recipe, (Ok maybe it’s not much of a recipe) that I am willing to make two ways. I became obsessed with making this dish when I was fully vegetarian, I would eat it for dinner once a week and the leftovers for lunch the next day. I love the protein and taste of this tofu, and this was the first recipe I had used rice noodles in, which I have fallen in love with.

Most of the vegetables, and the tofu in skillet

Most of the vegetables, and the tofu in skillet

Tofu Hoison Noodle Stir-fry!

Tofu Hoison Noodle Stir-fry!


  • Cubed, already pressed  tofu (I use half a block for myself for two meals)
  • Rice Noodles (I mostly eye ball it because some days I like more, some days I like less)
  • Fresh cleaned stir fry vegetables (I like baby corn on the cobs, green beans,  carrots
  • Garlic Hoison (Or regular hoison) Eyeball how much you would like


  1. I normally begin this recipe two days in advance, or really early the day before. I begin by pressing my tofu, which I normally do by unwrapping the tofu brick, wrapping it in damp paper towels and wrapping that in a dish towel (to collect the water in tofu) put on a plate and on top of the tofu bundle put a heavy pan (I use a cast iron pot) and place in your fridge. I like doing this 24 hours in advance but if you are strapped for time, half a day should do fine.
  2. The night before, or morning of cube the pressed tofu and place in a Ziploc bag and pour in hoison sauce to marinate.
  3. When ready to cook the dinner, in an oiled saucepan pour in cubed tofu and sear.
  4. In a pot boil the water for the rice noodles and cook the noodles. (I find that if you strain the rice noodles they just mold together, so I leave the noodles in the water until I need them and just scoop the noodles out of the pot right into the tofu frying pan)
  5. When tofu is seared pour in your vegetables and sear them also. (Sometimes I like to add a little tsp. of hoison sauce to the tofu and vegetables just to add a little bit more flavor!)
  6. Add the noodles into the frying pan and pour in the wanted amount of hoison sauce. Cook all together for a minute or so stirring occasionally and then plate and enjoy!

This meal is easy to also change into a non-vegetarian meal and just use chicken, beef or pork instead of the tofu, which makes it a great meal for an ex (or current) vegetarian to cook while living or visiting a meat eater! All you have to do is use separate frying pans for each protein.

I’d love to have your opinions on this recipe, and if you have tried it I would love your take on it! 


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