Thrift Store Baby Clothes!

I can not wait to see our little blessing in this tie-dye onsie!

I can not wait to see our little blessing in this tie-dye onsie!

What can be a better past time for a first time mother to be other then buying things for your future little one? I honestly love checking out the baby sections in every store I go into, may it be big stores such as Target and Walmart, or even Costco, or just walking through a mall and going to Baby Gap, or Gymboree. But this mother has to say, I am a thrift store shopper, I buy my own clothes at thrift stores, and I love to buy some kitchen products and decor from thrift shops so why not check out the baby sections while I’m there?

In my opinion buying baby clothes at a thrift store or a consignment shop is the best idea out there unless you have an unlimited budget. Your baby will not be able to wear there clothes for very long as the first year goes by, I mean buying clothes for the first year you notice that all the clothes are designed for a three month increment. And of course, buying onsies you realize the price can go from $5 (which i’ve only found that price at Target) and up, i’ve even seen a simple onsie for $20 at one store! So buying gently used can be the best plan.Some of my tips though for buying baby clothes at thrift stores are;

  • Check inside and out for stains, sometimes (somehow) there are stains on the inside that do not go through the onsie, where having those stains are okay since you are unable to see them on the outside, you never know once you wash it more then once. And it’s best to know what your getting before you buy.
  • Check for snags, loose strings or zippers that stick. Due to them being gently used there could have had some issues that store clerks were unable to notice, and can be an issue if you want to quickly clothe your little one.
  • Make sure you wash before use, you should be washing all baby clothes before use, but it’s extra needed for used items.
Cutest Onsie!

Cutest Onsie!

One of my personal favorite stores is Once Upon A Child, this store only buys kids and baby items so it’s easier to find exactly what your looking for, and they have such a great and wide selection. Whats also great for this store is that they check the safety on all the toy products, strollers, baby swings and such, so you are comforted knowing that what you are buying for your child is safe for them. Once Upon A Child does not just have items for babies, there selection goes up to around eight or so years old, so if you have a store near you make sure you check it out, you will be pleased!


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