Gerber Daises For His Love…

Don't you think there beautiful!?

Don’t you think there beautiful!?

This morning I woke up a little later then usual, hey I’m pregnant I’m catching up on sleep that I will not be able to have once little blessing gets here! And when I woke up Michael didn’t happen to be in the apartment, which I can understand, if you know Michael you would know he really loves to take walks, almost to many, and walks longer then I’m use to (On me and Michael’s first date we actually walked for two hours straight through a park downtown, then through another park, and all the way down to a small mall, the next day my legs felt worse then jello!) so I wasn’t worried when I woke up alone in the apartment.

Luckily Michael didn’t take a long walk so he wasn’t to exhausted when he came home, but being a good future housewife I made him his morning cup of coffee, and got him a cold cup of water to help with the heat. Michael though didn’t just go on a morning walk, Michael went and got me a surprise, he purchased me beautiful red/pink Gerber daises! Me and Michael are excited to start purchasing potted plants to decorate our apartment, and the added bonus of sweet smells from flowers are great plus! (I’m most excited to find a bonsai tree also) This is a great start to our collection of potted plants, I love Gerber daises, and think they are simple yet beautiful, and smell lovely.

Sorry for the camera phone photo!

Sorry for the camera phone photo!

Michael also bought another surprise for both of us to share. A perfect cake for Canada Day…A red velvet cake! Michael remembered while out that red velvet cake is one of my favorites, and picked out a delicious one this morning, the perfect ratio between cake and icing and decadent white chocolate shavings on top. The red and white was perfect to celebrate today’s celebration of Canada Day. (Again, sorry for the camera phone photo, Michael was to excited to eat the cake to wait for me to get my actual camera!)

Today we realized we have another added bonus to our new apartment, we have a perfect view off of our balcony for the fireworks they will be setting off in the park by our local library. We are hoping to go later today over to the park just to see if they have any food and drink booths set up like they do at other firework spots across London, but if they do not, it will be nice to simply go for a walk hand and hand.

29 weeks pregnant!

29 weeks pregnant!

Yesterday the lighting in our bedroom was perfect for me to take my twenty-nine week photo of my growing baby bump. Where I turned twenty nine weeks this past Thursday, I have been busy and unable to find the perfect lighting to get a perfect picture. I am hoping after little blessing is born I will make a scrapbook of photos I have taken through my pregnancy to have as a sweet keepsake for me, or for little one. Did you know that at 29 weeks pregnant your little one is the size of a butternut squash? did you also know that at this week of pregnancy little blessing should be around two and a half pounds?

Today has and still will be filled with great love surprises and sweet gestures from and for the best boyfriend I could ever ask for. These simple gestures of thinking of me when he’s out on his own walk, the fact that he remembered I like simple flowers rather then elaborate flowers (I despise flowers such as roses thinking they are to cliche to give to someone you like or love) and the fact that he remember me saying almost a month ago while walking through a bakery that I love red velvet cake. These are the little moments in a relationship that just sweetens the everyday life.

I hope you have had, and will have a great Canada Day, and if you are not in Canada, I still hope you have had/will have a great day!


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