Those Little Moments…

Those little moments, that happen everyday, those moments that get overlooked, those moments that make you crack a sincere smile, even if it’s just for a split second. That is what this blog will embody. Those little things in my life that make me smile, those moments that I wish to record (with photos!) for me to look upon in future years.

tumblr_m5iyq4x9MV1r9lgbzo1_400The idea for this blog title came to me from Michael and I’s “song” you know that love song that you first slow danced to, that one song that you will dance to on your wedding day, that one song that if you hear it on the radio, all you can think of is the love of your life. That song for us, is “Little Moments” by Brad Paisley. Where the song mostly pays attention to the female, we still love the song due to it being about the little moments in a relationship that get overlooked in those romance novels and most love songs, those moments that happen everyday in a relationship, the little things that make the relationship much more strong.

I have taken the idea of this song and brought it into this blog, I have spent my whole life loving those little moments that take my breath away, those moments such as;

  • How green the grass looks as it rains
  • The sound of the wings flapping as a bird flies by
  • That thrill you get when you find something at an antique store worth more to you then the low number on the price tag
  • The little kick your baby gives you after you fulfill a pregnancy craving!
  • Finding a song or poem that explains exactly what you feel that very moment
  • Finding a cute, but very inexpensive onsie that you are beyond excited for your future child to wear
  • Making up your own recipe and finding out it actually tastes pretty great!
  • That random photograph you take that once printed you realize looks like a masterpiece!

Those are just some examples in my life that I love of little moments, that even though at first glance are insignificant, remember the way they make you feel, always will put a smile on your face, or a warmness in your heart. Those moments that you don’t plan for days on end, those moments that are inexpensive, unexpected. Those are the moments that will take your breath away, and the moments everyone should strive for, and remember day after day.

Those are the moments this blog will encompass.  Where I will be posting a lot on this blog for myself (like a diary, but with the ability to have visual photographs) I will be posting on this blog also so that my family and friends that are far away, or that I do not regularly see are able to keep up to date on my life, and Michael and I’s little one. Don’t worry though I will be posting recipes (healthy, and not so healthy) and I will be updating you on paintings I have made, Do It Yourself projects I will be making to decorate our home, and little blessings nursery, and on top of that my thrift store finds!



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