Where Has The Time Gone!?

Michael And I

Michael And I

Yes, sadly after beginning this blog this past November I was unable to keep up to date with this blog, but with good reason! I have become quite serious in an amazing relationship with none other then my boyfriend, and soulmate, Michael. We met January of 2012, and he has been on my mind every single day since. Ever since the day he was bold and came up to me while I was eating breakfast in public (a rare feat for me!) , sat down next to me and told quite a bit of his life story, I was head over heals. While it took him a little longer to fall for me, then I did for him, we are of course know in mutual love of each other! Michael and I are planning on getting married, but since we had quite a big surprise this past January, just days before the anniversary of the first day we met we are willing to postpone our wedding for a few more years!

Myself, at 24 weeks pregnant!

Myself, at 24 weeks pregnant!

That big surprise, was that this writer has a baby on board! We are excited that our due date is September 12-13th, but this mom to be has a weird feeling this little blessing will be coming a little sooner then that date. I just hope it will not come to early! I have already expected that on my birthday (August 28th) I won’t be having the typical 21st birthday! and if that means I’m on bed rest, or have my little one early in my arms I will be happy as can be. I can not think of a better way to spend my birthday then filled with love for a little one!

But that’s not the only two reasons I have sadly neglected this blog! (Yes there’s even more!) Me and Michael just recently moved into a new two bedroom apartment, perfect for us to call home with our little one, a spacious two bedroom with a kitchen big enough for this pregnant cook, and a past sous chef of a boyfriend! We are excited to make this apartment more our home, and don’t worry, I will keep you all up to date on the antique thrift shopping and DIY projects I will be doing to decorate this apartment and make it Michael, little blessings and I’s home!

I am back, don’t you worry, and I will be posting more then you can imagine,may it not be every day like I hope (This mom to be seems to have to much going on these days!) When I do post it will be worth reading!


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