Toasted Marshmallow First Tea Review!

Toasted Marshmallow was my first DavidsTea tin that I have ever bought, and with good reason! The obvious reason, that it was the first tea bag I had ever finished, and also because the taste was pretty awesome.

Inside The Tin

Inside The Tin

I had quite the interesting first experience drinking this tea, I had made it and went to go sit in my room with my window open just a crack…I took my first sip and that’s when my neighbors began a bonfire. Perfect timing.

The site describes it as:

“Everyone loves a camping trip in the fall. Fresh air, beautiful scenery, hungry bears – ah, the great outdoors. Well, okay, we’ll admit it. We’re only in it for the marshmallows. Nothing beats a freshly toasted marshmallow straight from the campfire. But what if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without going camping? Try this tea. It’s a sweet, toasty black tea blend with cinnamon, brittle and…you guessed it! Mini marshmallows. Now you can enjoy your favorite outdoorsy treat without a hungry bear in sight.”

With ingredients of :

  • Black tea
  • Marshmallows
  • Brittle pieces
  • Cinnamon
  • Allspice
  • Roasted kukicha green tea
  • Natural flavourings

I’m not going to lie the main reason I bought this was due to the marshmallows,  first because of the kid in me, and secondly because I have never heard of a tea with marshmallows…I was apprehensive to see if it mingled well together. One of the other reasons I picked up this tea is because I love black teas, out of my large collection of teas nine are black.

The allspice smell is in the for front (to me), but I am also able to smell the black tea base. I am also able to get a faint smell of the kukicha green tea. After brewing though I am only able to really smell the allspice and cinnamon.

The liquor to this tea is a very light tan or brown color.

When I drink this tea I am mostly tasting the allspice, but I am also tasting a marshmallow after taste. There’s no “punch” though to the taste, and you can’t fully taste a “spice” it’s more of a mellow allspice taste.

Overall this has become my favorite tea since my old favorite has been discontinued from another store. I am quite pleased with my first tin purchase.

Have you tasted this tea? Your opinions? Your favorite DavidsTea tea?


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