Mother Daughter Day

I spent the day with my mother, it has been a long day but it’s been eventful!

We began by trying to find me a winter coat. I’m on a tight budget and due to me loving thrift stores we decided to look for my jacket at a thrift store…it took three different thrift stores and one chain store until I was able to find my coat. I’m very pleased with my purchase due to it being long enough that it falls just below my “booty” but not to long on my short frame. It has four pockets that are perfectly sized and perfect placement! (My last coat I had to short of arms for so I had to always curl my shoulders in to elongate my arms to reach the pockets!) It’s black and fits into my style perfectly.

The Entrance, Look At That Logo! Amazing!

The Entrance, Look At That Logo! Amazing!

After spending countless hours and traveling all over the city we were able to get to what I was most looking forward to, going to a new (to me) store!  Remarks Fresh Market. Me and my mother spent close to, (or possibly over) an hour in the store. It is slightly smaller then an average grocery store, but it’s just about perfect! There was so much I wanted to try! They have delicious looking pre made foods, even a sushi bar! They have a large selection of desserts, where I just had to pick up there mini creme brulee and a small bowl of rice pudding! There vegetables and fruits are well kept and displayed well, and I was able to finally find the perfect size of container of blueberries! (I never end up eating them fast enough so I don’t wish to buy a large container of them) I even found avocado’s for 99 cents! I found gnocchi which I’ve been wanting to try for months! (Anyone have a recipe?) honey dijon gluten free rice chips, and some of the best tasting vegetarian spring rolls!

So Excited To Crack These Open!

So Excited To Crack These Open!

One large thing I’m happy about is the other things I bought while at the thrift store…Books! I was able to find one vegetarian book,  a low-calorie cookbook and also a book about making your house eco friendly! I can’t wait to dive into these books and share with you the recipes I make and/or adept into vegetarian.

The day out was much needed and helped me connect with my mother. It also made me feel more confident by having a stronger connection with my mother, and also because whenever I end up buying or looking for healthy, organic and local foods, makes me feel like i’m helping the world and helping my body at the same time!

Do you have mother daughter days? What are your favorite activities? Your favorite markets? Like i’ve already asked; Any gnocchi recipes? 


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