This is Where it All Begins!

Hello Readers!

I’ve written an “about me” so I wont try to redo that here, what I will do is explain what you can look forward to reading on this blog.

Me in The Kitchen!

Me in The Kitchen!

First off, I’m looking forward to sharing my recipes with all of you. As you can read in my about me I’ve been making my own recipes since I was a young girl, which means you have plenty of catching up to do!  I’m not one to normally bake (I tend to cook something to short amount of time, and after returning it to the oven end up burning it) but I have recently found some amazing baking recipes on Pinterest  which I would love to try! Like I’ve stated in my about me I am also a vegetarian, and my love of tofu is large.

You can also look forward to my paintings, sketches and photographs. I’ve grown better over the years (if I do say so myself!), and can see quite the difference in my artwork. I will also show my photography, most will accompany other posts as visual aids but I will share some photos of my favorite spot in my city, and my amazing trip up to a cottage in Muskoka, Ontario a few years ago were I felt my creativity blossom. With my posts of my artwork I will explain the meaning behind the artwork, or a personal story of why I decided to take a photo of a certain thing, or paint/sketch that certain scene.

Recently I began to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I was a dancer since a young age, beginning with ballet and growing into tap dance, but with my mental health issues I was unable to commit mentally to dance and sadly had to leave,even though I miss it daily I still try to dance in any way I can, even if it is a random pirouette or a grande jeté. I began practicing yoga during treatment while fourteen years old, I have continued for the fact that being naturally flexible and yoga proving this natural skill gives me confidence in myself, I also practice due to the calming effects. Other then yoga I do not have much physical activity so I am learning slowly how to workout properly.

My First DavisTea Trip!

My First DavisTea Trip!

I will also be making reviews. The two main topics of review will hopefully be books I have read. The other category, which will be a large category will be tea. Tea is one of my biggest obsessions. I prefer loose leaf tea, but will drink one or two bagged teas, I also lean towards black teas. My favorite place to purchase tea would have to be Davidstea, which is were most of my tea reviews will come from. I at the moment, in my own collection (not counting the tea I have in the kitchen shared with my family)  have 17 different teas.

There it is! Everything you can look forward to reading all in a (not so) compact post. I hope my future posts spark some creativity, cause some mouthwatering and inspire you!



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